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Some facts about this weapon: - This is one of the two twinkling titanite STR only weapons in the game (alongside with Quakestone) - Has the highest base physical damage of all great hammers - Has one of the lowest scaling of all great hammers It is one of the best mid game weapons in the game. It can be upgraded to +5 and you can reach 600-700 AR before Pontiff and Yhorm, making the PvE side of the game ridiculously easy. Also, it is recommended to stay at 30 STR, you only gain total of ~10% extra AR between 30 and 66. You can and should spend your points elsewhere especially if you plan to equip the Smough's set as well.


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EDIT- Removed the nonsense saying it is stronger at refined +10.
One of my favorite weapons for sure. Just smash your way through waves of enemies at ng+3