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I still belive that the Dreg Heap and the Ringed City are Lordran and Oolacile, respectively. During the fight with the Demon Princes, you see quite a bit of architecture reminiscent of the original Firelink in Dark Souls 1, the Kiln of the First Flame residing in a giant tree underneath Lordran (if the location is vastly different due to the white staircase beforehand) is also the same tree in the Dreg Heap in the DLC and final area of the main game, and much of the lore behind the Ringed City matches that of Oolacile's, being a kingdom of men and playing a big part in the connections of the Abyss, bringing both the Dragonslayer Armor being corrupted by the Abyss and Darkeater Midir being made the guardian of the City against it. And considering that these 2 places are the only locations in Dark Souls to find Humanity sprites in their physical animate forms instead of simple consumables, it shows a lot of similarities that can't be dismissed as simply reused assets.
It's the literal end of the world. The end of Fire. The end of Dark. The end of everything. As with most of the Dark Souls series, time/space is convoluted, especially so when the lands of the Lords of Cinder converge. In the cycle we play out in DS3, these lands seem to have been physically dragged next to each other in order for us to complete this quest, but by the time of TRC they have been mashed together into an almost unrecognisable form amongst the ashes created from the destructive cycles.
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"Yhorm, old friend. I, Siegward of the Knights of Catarina, have come to uphold my promise!" "Siegward was a friend of Yhorm at one point and had made a promise with him." truly insightful
The animal in cathedral of the deep being a sable? Is this cathedral former sable church?
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For those confused, let me put the story in a shorter way. DS1: Dragons rule the world until a fire starts bringing Despair with it. 4 people reached into it and obtained Lord Souls. Gwyn, Izalith, Nito, and the Furtive Pygmy. Gywn, Nito, and Izalith and her daughters went to war with the dragons. With Seath the Scaleless's help, they defeated the dragons and ushered in a Age of Gods. But soon, some humans disturbed the sleeping Abyss and Manus, causing him to go on a rampage and infect the city Oolacile. Gywn, hearing this, went into panic. Izalith tried to make a new flame like the First Flame, but failed and made Choas and the demons. Gywn then sent his daughter along with other humans to the Ringed City to try and stop the spread. Gywn then gave his Lord Soul to Seath and burned himself in the First Flame, becoming the First Lord of Cinder. They soon began to throw Undeads with the Darksign that appeared sometime before into asylums to await the end of the world. That's where our character comes in, kills the Lords and Gwyn, and relink the flame when it's about to go out. We also get sent back in time to preserve the legend of Artorias, the Abyss Walker, who became corrupted by the Abyss and kill Manus ourselves. DS2: Years past. Kingdoms have risen and fallen. The First Flame has been linked over and over again. But King Vendrick did not want to Link the Flame, but his wife Nashandra, piece of Manus, had other plans. She told Vendrick of a power the Giants had, which made him invade them and take it and come back. But the Giants fought back. Vendrick, devastated and onto the plan his wife had, locked the way to the Throne of Want and locked himself away as well so her plan would fail. Those who ascend to the Throne become strong enough to Link the Flame, which is what we do after defeating Nashandra and stopping her plans of an Age of Dark. DS3: Many more years have past. The Flame is now barely holding on, now taking the power of five Lords to link it. Lothric was next in line, but he abandoned his own duty. So the bell rings and rises 4 new Lords: Ludeth, the Abysswatchers, Aldrich, and Yhorm. All but Ludeth reject their duty and flee home. So the bell rings again, this time to call for an Unkindled, an Undead who failed to link the Flame and burned to ash. They must put all five Cinders of Lords onto their proper thrones and link the flame themselves. We also traverse the Painted World of Ariandel, a place devoid of flame to burn it away to create a new painted world. When two Embers clash (you and Sister Friede, the Ember that came to the painting before you), the world can finally burn. Then you must traverse the Dreg Heap and fight your way to the Ringed City. After tireless fighting, you make it to Filianore and wake her up, who sends you forwards in time to the end. You must the traevse the sand to find Slave Knight Gael trying to obtain the Dark Soul from the Pygmy Lords there, only their blood is dried up. You then fight and kill Gael at the end of everything and obtain the Blood of the Dark Soul and give it to the girl in the painting so that she can paint a new world, ending the story of Dark Souls. And so this is the story of Dark Souls. (I didn't include DS2 DLC because all it is is just obtaining parts of a crown that can, for only as long as you wear the crown, never go Hollow.)
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"*Speculation: Gwyndolin, alledgedly the son of Gwyn, possesses both serpents instead of feet, much like the tendrels of Seath, and like Seeth possesses the power of moonlight, a trait unique to creations of Seath in Dark Souls 1. Gwyndolin upon birth was hidden away, and raised as a woman so that he could never become a heir. It is possible that Gwyn's wife had a secret trist with Seath, resulting in a child that had to be claimed as Gwyn's own to prevent controversy." <------ good lord
Aldrich is not affiliated with the Sable Church of Londor (it's said in the Lords of Cinder section). The Sable Church and the Church of the Deep are two different factions. The Sable Church is in Londor (Land of Hollows), and believes Hollowing is a virtue & that to be Hollow is to be the true face of man (Followed by Yuria, Yoel, Sister Friede, Lilliane, and the Pilgrim/Assassin of Anri of Astora). The Church of the Deep is based on the vision of the "Age of the Deep Sea" that Aldrich had after becoming a Lord of Cinder, and the corruption of the Way of the White and their temple is at the Cathedral of the Deep.