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Why do they have to make her so hot and give her that monstrous thing by her side...
it reminds you that beauty has it's dark and ugly side, after all this is dark souls full of metaphors you have yet to catch onto
I talked to leonhard in rosarias bed gave her a blue tounge. Reloaded the room and shes still alive wtf
you need to get to the profaned capital bonfire first for the second part to activate. Also, if that tongue leveled up the covenant, (gave you the ring or staff) it may have ruined the quest.


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Can you rebirth to a lower level?



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No. The game forces you to reallocate all of your stat points.
try tongue, chest
What happens if you choose to revive her? Is there any special animation, or should I just keep my extra Rosaria Souls?
Literally nothing happens. You basically revive he back to how she was. I know disappointing, I was hoping she would flash her tits or something.
flash her tits LOL
Your stupid video has the left door already open. Very helpful.. not!
does rebirth affect hollowing?...
Does the infinite respec glitch still work?
what's the story behind the black eye orb? why should it be used on gwynevere's quarters?
It's a reference to Dark Souls 1, in which you can avenge the Firekeeper by using a black eye orb in that very same building to invade Lautrec.
If you are trying to use the respec glitch make sure you don't have any spells equipped that will be auto-unequipped after you no longer meet their requirements. This creates a save and will use up a pale tongue and one of your 5 rebirths.