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I killed both Wolnir and the Deacons and progressed to Irithill (and did not talk to Anri at their second location), but Anri was not in the church, he was still in the Catacombs.
Yeah, its just misinformation, youre not supposed to kill wolnir yet
I killed anri at half way fortress by kicking her off the bridge just before that bonfire. Can’t seem to find her sword. Is it gone for good?



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When you save-quit and reload your character it should be where Anri and Horace were sitting, right beside the Halfway Keep Bonfire. Also shame on you.
Began the "Slayer" questline flawlessly. Arrived at Anor Londo, helped Anri defeat Aldrich in her world, but now I don't see her summon sign so she can help me defeat Aldrich. Is it normal, am I just supposed to go get her sword and be done with her?
(I'm having a lot of trouble with Aldrich, would like her help as it was piss-easy in her world with her)
You can't summon Anri to help you fight Aldrich. There are no NPC summons to help you with the boss.