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The axe is ok. But the fists are much more rapid a d have higher dps. This has higher damage per hit..i also like the wep art on the fists better..

If you want a big slow pyromancer wep, use a greatswprd or ugs chaos infused, or another axe, youll do more damage
Try to gank spank with the fist idiot
what a nice fellow
maybe not but "13 Sep" is right
the fists are terrible lol
The only thing this one has over the Dragonslayer's Greataxe is its far lower weight.

They've got an identical movset and even similar weapon skills, but this one's got lower damage and I think its range is slighty shorter. Its weapon skill also deals less damage and takes longer to execute (roughly around a second).

Still using it though, since it's got a great design and suits a pyromancer build - would also benefit from a Fire Clutch Ring in this case. Also, its weapon skill can be a useful follow-up to backstabs.
Don't forget it has the obvious advantage that you can simply get it earlier.
I think the dragonslayer greataxe's art sucks. It's terribly choreographed and it's parriable.
like in hell its parriable, two handed attacks from greataxes and great hammers cant be parried, same goes with the weapon art you *
Person below me doesn't understand the fundamental aspects of the game
"it's good. it's bad.." Jeez! It depends on your build, your sl, people. What good is bleed if I cause no bleed damage? What is a weapon worth if I cannot wield it? So yes "Black Knight Greataxe" is awesome. But can be pretty useless aswell.
it can be parried, any regular attack from a player can be parried
"Person below me doesn't understand the fundamental aspects of the game" Go ahead, try and parry a greataxe's and great hammer's two-handed R1
Because of the longer time it takes to charge the Greataxe (compared to the Dragonslayer GA people have a harder time indicating when it's going to land, plus it has slightly bigger reach than the Dragonslayer GA.
At lower levels (not specced towards anything particuar) the Demon's Greataxe does more damage than the Dragonslayer GA.
Str: 32
Dex: 16
Faith/int: 12
664 DMG (2H)
Whereas the Dragonslayer GA only has 621 (2H)
You won't want to equip it one hand anyway.
Is this worth using on Aldrich, Devourer of the Gods?
Just rekt him with this,dont bother with quick attacks,just go behind him and use weapon skill/heavy attack as much as you can
It is most useful in both PvP and PvE. In boss fights don't rush in there and repeatedly hit the boss as if you can tank'em. Make every shot count. Hit once or twice and back off. I've seen people wreck with it and the Dragonslayer's greataxe. It is still the best weapon in Dark Souls 3. The downside of this weapon is that it can be parried.
weak to bleed and fire so yes its good
This is a good crowd control weapon in group PvP. The explosion has pretty respectable reach and it's hard to time the dodge on it. A lot of people also like to jump people in groups, so this is a good cover for that. It's a somewhat niche weapon, but delivers nicely.
figured I'd drop in and list what kind of damage im getting out of my soul level 220

2-handed fully upgraded, with fire clutch ring im getting 776 attack rating having tried to add oath of sunlight yet

80s/40d/15i/15f hope this is useful to someone
so... it's not worth it... bummer
It would be better if the stats were 66s/10d/40f/30i. It's not worth getting more than 66s if two handing and the Dex scaling is not worth it
how much AR do you get from 40/40 str fth
With the scaling you get at +5 you'll really put your enemies to "B E D D" with this axe.
oh im laffin


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I really like this weapon, currently trying this on my STR build and getting 711AR two-handed (677 OH) with 66STR, 12DEX, FTH and INT. It also seems to surprise people when you use it as it barely sees any use in pvp even though the move set is a tad bit boring. Really like this with the following fashion souls as well: Firelink Helm, Iron Dragonslayer Chest, Slave Knight Gauntlets and Silver Knight or Morne's leggings.
your descripted fashion souls set looks awful. but taste is taste.
i used this weapon till ng7, and i only changed to have more variety.
i just dont like the roll 2h atk of all greataxes, they are very bad.
Couldn't get the ring of favor with my normal weapons. This beauty got me an "easy" kill. Gunna +5 it.