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Just saying it takes F****** ages to farm pale tongues
Um, Not at all. I had 60 in the first 2 weeks the game was out. Of course, if you're a suckish tryhI'm, it might take a while. No judgements
30 in two hours farm the dark wraths at rhe aybss walkers fight
Not nearly as long as vertebra shackles.
Does anyone know where these appear in the inventory? I know I have picked up at least two of these and have just now looked up what they're for, but I can't find them in my inventory at all.
Found in the tools section... just looks like a tongue
Check your storage box
A pain to get these on Xbox, basically the only way to get them is to farm darkwraiths unless you enjoy getting ganked every time you try to invade. The only times I've been in non-gank PvP situations is the few times I've been summoned near the Pontiff bonfire through soapstone and a couple of times I've been invaded myself. I personally wish I'd get invaded a lot more, as it'd give me more chance to get PvP experience outside of getting either ganked or having no hope in dueling someone who already has plenty of PvP experience.


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Try using the Dried Fingers. They reset your invasion timeout, so you're more likely to be invaded after using them.
Try other locations to PvP irithyl Dungeons, drang castle etc. Its useless to invade on famous pvp locations If you want 1v1


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Dried Fingers mate
Git gud
'Git Gud' the famous words of people who aren't actually good and can't contribute anything of relevant, it's up there with other phrases like uuuuuh and I don't know lol
Damn, that’s rough. Have you tried being good at video games?
After having earned the Obscuring Ring once in NG, I attempted to earn a second copy in NG+; however, upon delivering to Rosaria the required 10 Pale Tongues, I did NOT receive a second Obscuring Ring. Is it impossible to earn more than one Obscuring Ring per character? I mean, legitimately--not through trade with other players. Thanks!
No because your covenant status continues through each NG
So yes. It is impossible
U can't because it saves your progress from the previous world so putting 10 in the NG will give u the ring but going to NG+ will not. U will jus continue to raise your covenant level to say the least


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Someone wants to farm these Tongues with me by invading each other? Add me on psn : altair_ibnlaahad
Does giving her my tongues as changing stats/appearance count as offering them?



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As long as its consensual...!
I think I may have stumbled on a way to farm these without harvesting Darkwraiths all day. It's similar to farming vertebra shackles with a friend, but with a twist.

The person who wants Pale Tongues needs to equip the Way of Blue covenant.

That's the major difference. From there everything's the same: once WoB is equipped, drop your red sign for a friend to summon you as a dark spirit, kill your friend. A Pale Tongue will drop.

I haven't tested with the allied covenants (Blue Sentinels and Blade of the Darkmoon)--WoB has worked every time.
better still is going WOB and then summoning a friend, after which you have the friend sneakily execute the blue for two pale tongues, and you get to piss off blues!



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I whipped it out, put my tongue in and she just sits there like nothing ever happened. I guess you can't plese everyone...!
try tongue but hole
try hole but tongue
Need help farming these. Psn:mans22323