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Can someone help me farm this? Will return the favour. PSN: Mans22323
if you want pale tongue, help me with vertebra shackle. stickantenna psn
You still trying to farm?
Sorry folks i got all. I dont need anymore.
lol what a scumbag. "I got mine, so who cares about everyone else" lmao
After I gave Rosaria 10 tongues, I thought to myself, "hey you have an obscuring ring"... after 30 suddenly there's a man grub staff, wtf stick is that s**t lol
want to farm pale tongues, steam MADS3
I’m trying to explore new covenants but I keep coming back to Rosaria’s Crrrrrazy Pale Tongue Farming Simulator. It feels more clear cut.


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If you're trying to get these at a high level, go to Earthen Peak Ruins bonfire in DLC2 and invade. Summons are slow past SL200, but I was still getting one every 5-10 minutes. I only had to fight twice on my way to 30 tongues. Every other time the host died before I could get to them.
"One is obtained each time the player invades and defeats the host of a world while either covenantless or as a member of Rosaria's Fingers." It's 2019 and this is still wrong. You always get a tongue after a succesful invasion if you haven't equipped a covenant that has a different orb invasion reward, it's not limited to Rosaria or no-covenant.
" all stats, *a maximum of five times per game cycle*" just use the *****ing glitch to get infinite reallocations lmao
What would that glitch be good sir?