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Vitality practicaly bans heavy builds from pvp. Pushing the katana flys and clowns. I somehow managed to make an Eygon of Carim midrole build (without shield ofcourse) but the vitality investment hurts alot. Like hell to be precisly when it comes to attunement and vigor. Gundir ring in adition to Havel and Ring of Favor is no option either because heavy armor builds are meant to trade blows and Gundirs side effect (we take more damage) undermines that. Keep that in mind if planing to make a new character.
Prisoner Chain's lowered absorption is miniscule compared to what it gives us as long as you're not taking Vig/End/Vit over 40 with it. My Str/Vit build took those 3 stats to 35/30/35 and dumped into Str. That gives 80 EL before Havel's and Favor+3.
"Per point vitality there is an increase of 1.5 all physical defenses" ..
So for every other stat, physical defense goes up 0.4 , is that right? If that's the case this stat has a worth even not counting equip load, that's +1.1 physical defense over any other stat..
When I increasing my vitality, can i use the weapon that not match with my attribute more efficient?
Gotta match or exceed those required stats, or you might as well be swinging with a fish.
There is clearly a soft cap at 40, but there is no mention of this in the article. Not until raising to 43 do I see my physical defense numbers increase by a single point, definitely not 1.5 per level anymore, probably closer to 0.4 though that number is only a guess. Strength is giving me more phys def per point now in the upper 50s. Doesn't seem like it's worth it to invest vit past 40 unless you're going for an extremely tanky build with heavy af armor.
It tells you where the sweet spots are...


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We can see that there is somehow a softcap at 40 Vitality. We gain 8-11 physical defense every 5 Vitality until 40 to 45 where we get 4 physical defense and then 45 to 50 where you gain only 3 physical defense.
What is the softcap of Vitality when in comes to physical defense? Or the recommended level?
Once you get your vitality to around 32-35, you get more defence from leveling strength, much more
Maybe From should have fused Vitality with Strength. With Endurance it was imbalanced but I don't see any problems having a strong guy wearing heavy armor. It would have buffed heavy builds without making them op with some adjustment of the equipment weight for certain items. Or stat requirements for armor.
The problem with this would be balancing for DEX builds, as if VIT was melded with STR, it would have to give you less weight "points" to be even remotely balanced, so when a DEX build decides that they need to have heavier armor (and still want to be below 30%) they are directly at a disadvantage, some goes for INT, FTH, or even LCK builds, and STR would be buffed as a result
That would be disastrous for the balance of different builds. STR builds would be way stronger than everything else if STR also got the benefits of Vitality. STR builds are already very powerful.
They should just fuse it with vigor
Do you gain higher mobility when you upgrade vitality if you have the same gear equipped?
Yeah, if you can get your equip load to 30% or less, you are in the fastest state, with really fast rolls.
Dexterity is for dodge speed, Vitality is for walking running and whether or not you can physically dodge.
Dexterity does not increase your DODGE speed, it increases your CASTING speed.
This stat is too pointless to level up but equipment load just important. I am literally can't wear any armor if using ultragreatsword.
im making a build that uses all of the iron dragonslayer set and his weapon and shield. i have to have 56 vit to fast roll and i still had enough levels left to get 45 vig, 35 end, and 40 str. so vit isnt that pointless for pvp. besides i can tank some major hits because of how high it is.
I thought this augmented my health bar, For f**k sake, I have been concentrating my energy leveling this sh*t up :(
Well the good thing about it is, is that you won't fat roll as much. :P
You could redistribute your stats at rosaria
you could just invest in some heavy armour and tough it out.
The game directly tells you what changes on the level screen whenever you increase a stat. Maybe you should pay attention.
* alert XD
Dont listen to the haters. Vitality is a dumb name for the equip load stat