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Lothric long sword blessed has a C Dex S faith scaling at +10. I'm not one for trying to get the most OP weapon. So this one works very well. Blessed weapons are definitely slept on due to the meta. Same as hollow builds. Only builds I use lol
It also has S scaling on +9. Same applies for Dark Sword dropped from Darkwraiths.
Other infusions almost always provide more AR (sometimes more than double), and this makes blessed infusion worthless for most situations excluding parry shields. I mean, 2hp/sec is marginal benefit considering you bricked your weapon. However, there are few exceptions, where blessed gem is obviously the best choice (providing you have high faith):
-Lothric Knight Greatsword
-Drakeblood Greatsword
-Dragonslayer's Axe
For example, Blessed Lothric Knight Greatsword (24/16/40 str/dex/fth) has 655 AR. At 60 faith it reaches 700. Remember: blessed gem increases >innate< lightning damage the most effectively. DON'T infuse other weapons! S scaling worth nothing if the base damage is halved.
Also works on Astora gs
Blessed Astora GS is a bad idea, Lightning and Sharp versions have much higher AR, so it's out of question.
Sigh. You can start infusing these already after Farron Keep yet there is only a grand total of two guaranteed available for each run in the base game. Quality design.
go farm them. lol
Farming for items with miniscule drop rates is plain bad design. If farming is a solution to anything, it should've been implemented by making things available from a store. Even if the item costs 50000 souls or whatever, it would've been better than farming them from mobs.
"waaaah dark souls haaard, don't wanna don't wannaa a aa!!"
you can easily farm them with the right equipment. go read farming techniques blog on ds3.
This article is incorrect: perseverance does NOT increase tick speed for blessed weapons. Time tested with a +10 blessed caestus.
You misread what it says. It doesn't say it increases the tick speed. It says it increases the efficiency. Efficiency is increased because Perseverance decreases the amount of damage you take, which in turn makes health regeneration more effective.
Hp Regen Giant Door Build is nasty. It gets A scaling in faith and only loses 30ish base damage. With faith regen spells and other regen items it can be efficient in turtleing extremely hard
But the stabilty is lowered, making guard breakig easier. Fully charged heavy by Black Knight Ultragreatsword with the Knight slayer's ring and your guard is easliy broken, so better to have higher stability than any miniscule regen on those doors.
Only really useful for parrying weapons. The hp regen is definetely noticeable, but it's unlikely to help in pvp. Getting 300 hp regenerated would take 150 seconds at max reinforcement, and even then that might not be enough to survive another hit.
It is very useful during long drawn out battles, especially against a team of 3/4. Use a blessed shield with Sun Princes ring and Anri's staright sword, and the effect is very noticable.
Why would it be more useful for parrying tools than just a shield?