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I am using this sword for my Pyroswordsman build any recommendations
Um not sure both this sword and pyromancys are pretty demanding i wouldnt recommend it unless you´re not going for meta build
Use something buffable,executioner gs is would be a good one
Low damage output on WKGS, Dex/Str weapon and not buffable. I'd suggest going Caster, then pump into Faith shortly before Smouldering Lake. You'll have access to all Spells by Dragonslayer. I use Lothric S.S Harpe and later Moonlight.


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Anyone NG+ willing to trade in this sword if you have extra? I didn't really want the sword early game, so I used the soul to get levels.
Get all the weapon etc 1st before Leveling
You just learned a valuable lesson homie lol. Gotta always get the weapon you want first, then build your stats to use said weapon. Otherwise you'll get near the end and say "sh1t now I gotta go all the way through NG+ just to get it again" lol. Besides, not a lot of people are able and/or willing to give up a boss soul weapon. Usually when someone already has the equipment, they just take the souls.
Official weapon of all early tryhards and gankers. As soon as I see someone with this, 9/10 their first move is going to be to spam the weapon art, which is great because I can easily get a parry off of them. They don't get back up after that dagger hits em. The ones that do will spam the WA again, granting another party and this time a kill. Extra hatemail if you use RHH WA and continuously stun poke them out of their attack lol.
Funny how there's almost always one or two comments like this on the more heavily used weapons that just scream insecurity and over compensation.
Prob killed by ugs lots of times lmao
git gud and stop complaining like a *****
Three retards who didn't read the entire post. He kills players that use this weapon with ease.



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They read it just fine. The fact he came to the wiki to brag about beating players using this weapon betrays his incompetence.
Lol "tryhard." Cause I totally bought this game and spent hours upon hours building a character to NOT try hard. I've never even used this sword, but I wanted to comment to tell you that your insecurity is laughably pathetic lmao.
coolest *****ing weapon art in the game. period.
Did i fight someone using Magic Clutch ring or is the backstab dmg absolutely OP (900 at quality 40/40 and +4) He was wearing Orsteinarmor + The Magic Dmg Crown no idea what its called.
Oh god, now everyone knows how good this sword is... what have i done? That forward reach and damage...
Xbox gamertag: psycho se7en Anyone willing to trade this to me? I'll let u know what I got if u want something in return