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Im a total noob but i found a simple way to beat him, easier than the ones mentioned in the wiki. For a melee player, just walk up to him and lock on. Keep close and rotate to the left all the time. Keep shield up and you will either block most attacks or even miss them completely. When he is in his combo he will make a straight thrust attack with the purple blade.Thats your qeue to hit him once or twice. Then, back to circling with your shield up. When he gets to phase 2, rush his clone down and continue this technique. Make sure to dodge his high jump and get back to rotating him again after it. GL
You might say you're a total noob, but i found your advice the best one...since i don't have the best stamina management i didn't attack him after thrust attack but instead after the following 2 ( or maybe 3) hit combo and literally didn't get hit once by him!!! Also, phase 2 was a joke, as he was casting his clone the clone went down instantly with 4 hit by butcher's knife. One thing that I did a bit different than you is i dodged and rotated to the right instead of left and didn't have to shield anything that way (since i don't like using shields).
And I is a beast. That's all I'm gonna say about this.
The section 'weaknesses' is wrong. He is not weak to thrust. (I tried using a pike and it did 59, versus my great sword, which did about 100)
the greatsword probably does more damage in general though
parry, go far away where he has to lunge then parry again, repeat
I suck at parrying so i decided to summon gotthard and pale shade, im such a scrub i cant beat him without jolly cooperation
I wish he had a cut scene when you first encounter him. Have him say something about killing his beasts, Bordt and the Dancer. Something about how he's the catalyst that kept the lords from taking their thrones. Would've been really cool to hear some dialogue from him. Especially after I found out he was intended to be the final boss instead of the Soul of Cinder.
wait are you supposed to kill the dancer before him



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Nah, he's far more better left insane. The point of the game is that he had succeeded. You killing him doesn't change his plan one bit. What he was intending was to stay in power and he did until everyone died. You had failed, this is why there is no dialogue or cutscene. To be honest it's less a dramatic encounter within a story and more you just popping after the end of it and killing the main villain who did not care anymore about anything.


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I'm petty sure I have died to this ! MFer right here ! more times than I've died in my first play though up to this point ,going to try the parry strategy and hope for the best.
Christ you made that look easy.. how I never got this game until recently I will never know.
I don’t know if this is a completely reliable way of killing him but when I managed to get him into the clone stage I ran around one of the corners so he couldn’t hit me and he kinda just got stuck in a corner but his clone tried to attack and ended up getting stuck in the wall and I guess if his clone doesn’t attack first then he won’t attack so he’ll just stand there while you kill him