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Im a total noob but i found a simple way to beat him, easier than the ones mentioned in the wiki. For a melee player, just walk up to him and lock on. Keep close and rotate to the left all the time. Keep shield up and you will either block most attacks or even miss them completely. When he is in his combo he will make a straight thrust attack with the purple blade.Thats your qeue to hit him once or twice. Then, back to circling with your shield up. When he gets to phase 2, rush his clone down and continue this technique. Make sure to dodge his high jump and get back to rotating him again after it. GL
And I is a beast. That's all I'm gonna say about this.
The section 'weaknesses' is wrong. He is not weak to thrust. (I tried using a pike and it did 59, versus my great sword, which did about 100)
parry, go far away where he has to lunge then parry again, repeat