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if you're having trouble, storyteller's staff poisons him in two procs without waking him up
or you can cheese him with "Pestilent Mist"
Wolnir wears those bracelets to protect himself from the darkness of the abyss as it's his only hope to not get devoured by it. When you destroy it then the abyss hunts it's prey down finally.
Nah mate he’s just moping that you broke his glowstick bracelets
I often make non-twink builds where I make it very far in the game on a really low weapon and soul level. This guy is more of a DPS test than a boss, however, and is always a huge roadblock to Irrythil since I can never deal enough damage to break his bracelets before he starts summoning skeletons and using his sword.
Killed him with +3 reinforced club with luck build
also that last pic is mega goofy
Fun tip if u r playing with a friend go to the left hand and both us black knight axe and buff then charge a heavy you break one bracket but deal damage for breaking 2
I couldn’t find the npc, could you be more specific
There is no NPC phantom, they mean a co-op phantom for online.
First you should attack the band on his right hand so you can kill him easily.
Walkedbup touched the goblet, figured "oh pestilence mist doesn't wake him, I got this easy, he was already awake......why does this game hate me so?
He is awake if you already fought him that playthrough
this boss is pure rng, after a million playthroughs i finally saw the entire boss as it was intended because before nothing ever happened except him dying hammer away at his hands until his bracelets break. if you're unlucky he'll start spawning adds and summoning a gigantic sword. in my million playthroughs, this only happened twice - just stay aggressive on his hands. the only thing you gotta be careful of is the oneshot mist, you'll hear a misty sound as warning, run out but run right back in and keep going aggro at his hands.
some people claim his summoning sword and adds is dps-dependent, but i have seen no evidence of this in my personal experience. In my experience, he can summon adds superfast into the fight, or never ever even though the fight lasts forever. I've always suspected it had something to do with constantly forcing the animation of his hands to constantly be pulled back and slamming you as you keep hammering them, which precedes the trigger to summon adds/sword. Or maybe it was pure (un)luck in my case.
One of the worst bosses in DS3, after the initial "OH ***** A GIANT SKELETON OUT OF NOWHERE" it plays like a more dumb Curse-Rotted Greatwood.