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Crystal sages big hat, cornyx chest, lorians leggings, clerics gloves, brigand twin daggers: Eileen the Crow.
You mean Karlas coat
The boss chart says this boss isn't parryable, that should be fixed
parrying the normal non-SGS swipes is a viable strategy
I find throwing knives to be very useful. Not sure if it’s the real one cuz they haven’t started casting? Throw a knife and watch for the death animation. It’s still alive? Start chopping.
Instead of throwing knives you can use Farron Soul Dart if you play as a caster. Not mentioned in the strategies page, you can poison him shortly before phase 2, then you will only have to kill the clones one or two times and wait for the poison to do the rest.
I love this boss, the voice, the clothes, everything. Sad developers have created so weak.
Pinwheel but with magic
Oh yeah I guess he can do damage every blue moon
It's also super effective to use Soul darts to take out the clones as only one is enough to kill them, so they're rather easy to take out
it should be added that he seems to start his second phase after 3 teleports regardless of how much damage you do to him. i have had him teleport away after 1 hit and then teleport again before i can hit him 2 more times and have him activate his second phase at ~95% health
That’s actually quite interesting
It should be noted that the Crystal Sage will spawn on one of the crystals that it creates before the clones spawn in.