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I would like to try out the thief for dark souls 3 but only played dark souls 1 and never managed to get pass the bull so ds3 might be easier because it's similar to blood born so can someone tell me how to work with the thief like what stats to do for him and what kind of equipment to look for please because he seems like my sort of chracter because I prefer speed over raw power but still manège to deal a decent amount of punishment
I love the thief. Several cool things: the high luck will not only have you finding lots of goodies from enemies, it also makes bleeding and poisoning more effective. So its good to capitalize on this and use weapons that cause bleed/poison. The obvious early choice: the uchikatana. Kill the naked samurai at firelink shrine by stunning him with firebombs and hitting him while he recovers. With the katana, you will have your foes bleeding to death at your feet. Whahaha!

As for stats, dexterity is obviously king. bumping your vitality will let you wear heavier gear while staying quick on your toes. Also you'll want to get that endurance up so you have more stamina.
well, browsing the weapons page there are some cool DEX scaling weapons... Spears and claws always scaled well. There's even a few greatswords you might like.
It depends on playstyle. If you really go for backstabs and ripostes I'd look for weapons who have a crit-multiplier just like the bandit knife you start with.
If you'd like pairing DEX with INT can be viable because dexterity quickens your spells.
Luck increases bleed and poison rate as well. So as thieves we can capitalize on this and bleed our enemies dry. Grab that katana early, and slice your way to victory!
It also increases backstab ability
I've knotice at times you can easily circle enemies without casing them to attack you directly. Not sure if that's specific
If anyone has any potential Thief Builds such as early stat allocation let me know. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
can he kill the guy with the katana?
Easily, with good parries and backstabs.
Just knock him off the edge.
Parry, my friend.


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Easy :) Loot a bow. Then go see the katana guy. When he chases you, run to the temple (he can't go inside). Then you can kill him with bow and arrows with no honor. :)
Thought the thief class would be perfect and then I see 11 attunement.... Why?
yeah, there may be some builds that could utilize 2 attunement slots @14. However, If you want the most efficient luck "thief" build with out any tricks ;) , the warrior starting class is the best fit, no question.
Well the fact he is the only class to start with a Bow, a way to play him is as an Archer like I do. The Short Bow's 'Skill' is to rapidly shoot arrows from it, and the Skill of course costs FP, which increases with Attunement.
What gauntlets does the thief start off with or does it even have them right off the bat?
large as the chargers...
What items is the best for the Thief?


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The only item that really matters is your melee weapon, and for my money it doesn't get much better than the Bandit's Knife you start with. Honorable mentions go to the short sword and Corvian great knife. Tailbone shortsword is nice if you have the patience to farm for it.


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What items is the best for Thief?
Buff the FUGS



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Anri's straightsword. Just keep str and dex at base and level vigor, endurance and luck troughout the game. Before you atain Anri's sword just use a raw weapon that you like.
The one knife that you begin with.