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Tested Pontiff's Right Eye, Pontiff's Left Eye, Old Wolf Curved Great Sword, and Carthus Beacon with the Oni/Uba, the Grave Warden Twin Swords, and the Crows Talons respectively. All aforementioned weapons were +10 & Hollow infusion. Character is at SL 120 sporting 19 STR, 35 DEX, & 35 LUCK (40 with +10 Hollow infusion) Analysis: Crow's Talons are a hoot with this crazy 5-piece combo, minimal stamina consumption surprisingly decent reach/speed, WA maxes both the Healing stacks and the combo AR multipliers at mach-10. Low damage though, and practically useless without the WA. Grave Warden's Twin Swords are my personal fave, boasting high speed, sweeping combos, the best Healing stack abuse, and the most reliable bleed spam forbearing the Crow's Talon's WA. Better damage than the Crow's Talons, but not by much. Poor Range for curved swords, and NO KICK for busting shields. Instead, you get a backflip, which is cool. Oni/Uba has INSANE DPS with this setup, though easily the slowest and most unreliable combo/Healing stack abuse. Best range with the R2, though this can screw up the combo counter if only the right-handed blade hits a distant enemy on the R1. With the Old Wolf CGS carried in the right hand, and the dual weapons held in the left hand, both the Crow's Talons and Grave Warden Swords get the coveted parry, while the Obi/Uba gets stuck with a terrible block. Personally, I prefer the Grave Warden Twin Swords, courtesy of the ridiculous movepool that they can abuse when paired with the Old Wolf CGS. Add some Carthus Rouge to the mix, and you get to play as the ultimate scum lord.



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If you are not running a luck build then the Sell Sword Twin Blades are the better alternative to the Warden. In terms of capitalizing on the heal and damage the Dual Wield Weapons in general are going to serve you the best.
Would love to have the ring, but my gamer instincts screams for huge new weapons, not small new rings. That, and i feel like being able to heal for each successive swing kinda ruins the "be careful" approach to enemies.
Don't worry.This ring is useless :) It doesn't work like "health on hit" you know.Landing 7 blows for 30 HP seems like a joke.
Do you know if all hits from the Astora Greatsword's Charged move count?
For the special move for the crow quills (where you throw multiple quills out), does each quill count as a different hit? If you land all 4 does it count as 4 hits?
If you hit an enemy with both the projectile and the swing from the MLGS, does it count as two hits?
I like how it's at its worst when using the same type of weapon the boss you got it from used.
Maybe that's why Vordt doesn't regen health when you fight him? Didn't think of that did you.
A wonderful ring for fighting deacons of the deep
Using this with the Crow Talons weapon art against 2 or more enemies is a guarenteed full health restore.
This ring is actually useful. In PvE it will proc often and in PvE, it procs, even when the enemy dodges through your attack. You can regulary heal a lot of HP, especially with the Wolf Curved GS.


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Does the listed amount of hits required also account for multiple hits from WA? (Like whip impact, ricard's rapier, crow talons, etc)


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I retract my question since I didn't read lol