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I love walking into situations and just slaughtering both invaders, summons, and the host as a pyromancer.
Looking to farm this - XBOX - TheSTARFLARE - send imeesage


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looking to farm / PC - Steam: Jason3st



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I added you on steam. I hope you live in the EU because different time zones would make farming much harder :p
Psn: Anubeliux
You still trying to farm?
Also looking to farm. PM me PSN:daltto
If you attempt Curse-Rotted Greatwood and get to the part, where he smashes the ground, Holy Knight Hodric will die and the Cage Enemy will become hostile, rendering you unable to join the covenant through this way, even if you fail to kill the boss, which will reset the pit but will not revive Hodric.

Please add this to the page.

Thanks ; )
They should've added that! I've been getting my face smashed by the giant with the cage for an hour while mashing X (ps4 player) arrrrrrrgh!
You're still able to join them if you follow siriss questline
Argh, me too. Thanks.
Add me on PSN: FlinkeFingerJoe

Looking for someone to farm in order to save some time.
Done. Thx
Anyone want to help each other out? PSN HUNTNMACHINE. Just send me a message with a password and that you wana farm
Looking for help with farming. PSN tetralol2
Looking for some help as well for Mound Makers Covenant. Send me a message or friend request at TheCreed375
is anyone here
No, all of us have either gone hollow or bought the remaster.
v funny how the Remaster is dead