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Can anyone drove me a few dark hands I forgot to talk to yoel before abyss watchers my steam name is psychic1337 thx
Would you like your hiney wiped too? five dark sigils, had reloaded the area, yoel know the norm......but yuria did NOT spawn.....reloaded the area as soon as i got the 5th level....before the final death,i got orbek....could that be the reason


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I am confirming this "He will be dead if not recruited before opening the door to the Catacombs of Carthus after defeating the Abyss Watchers (has not been tested, but to be safe dont fight the Abyss Watchers before recruting him.)"
Yoel cosplay would be interesting.
Interesting for anyone who wants to suffocate to death
Man, I really don't want those extra levels. I'm at 120 for PvP and I need to do this questline in my next cycle for some items I'm still missing but the requirement is gaining 5 levels. Bleh.
125 is the current meta for pvp. You’re fine.
Could also just respec without putting in 5 levels
have to reach current level to respec successfully
I'm ok with most of this quest...


It makes me feel bad for every time I kill her
Hahahahaha. I already messed up with him. I got him AFTER killing the Abys Watchers and because I haven't died yet, he's stuck still alive and selling his useless spells.

Time to start a new game...


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How can I get him if I killed him in the Undead Settlement?
Either you wait until your next NG+ or you start a new character. Knowing how you find Yoel early in the game, it might be beneficial to do the second option if you didn't go much further.
you don't deserve yoel
If you killed him he's dead
Kill him?? Idk.. doesn't feel right to kill a defenseless old tortoise
killed the abyss watchers and he's still alive. just recruited him
I have opened the door to the catacombs also. Why list information if you're not sure if it's true or not? The point of coming here is so I can get the facts. Not speculation.
You have to go into the Catacombs for Yoel to die.



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"Into" is not the same as "opened the door". Specifically, you have to cross the rope bridge before Wolnir. This is a wiki, if you think your information is better feel free to contibute to it instead of lashing out at random Anonymous posters that are correcting misinformation you're operating on.