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"...lowest total of Attunement, Intelligence and Faith"

The very true form of No-*****-Given-Class.
Us Warriors do great in many direct confrontations with just our Mighty Hammers and Axes, and Heavy Shields, and Thick Plate Armor... We are also capable of medium range with Crossbows and Firebombs. We may not be good mages, and may not be trained to use graceful movements to whittle our foes down, but still we continue onwards with our sturdy arms and armor, and backed by wills of iron. Intelligent people may think of us as simple brutes, but we are great stories inside of a simple looking book cover... that is to say, don't judge us just by our outwards appearance, or if you do... well, that will just prove you were the bigger fool.
Actually, I use medium armor and a heavy weapon and strong shield. Shield bash then hack and chop with an axe. Some magic to make me even more lethal by enhancing myself or weakening my enemy.
My Body is Ready
My Body Is Regi
When I made my first character I choose warrior... Some how I became a dex character...
What kind of weapon should I use as a warrior?


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Milwood BattleAxe heavy infused or exile greatswood infusion up to you
I tried various classes, Warrior is the only one I have yet to die on and basically smash face everywhere I go. Gonna try to get him magic to support himself and weaken enemies to make them even easier to slaughter. Wow, that makes me sound bad.