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lf one of these as i sold them before i got gud. anyone up for a trade on ps4?
I wish we had a fist weapon like caestus that also could cast sorceries. It would at least make an interesting side weapon.
Strange yet cool
imagine casting soul stream or dark edge with a glove
how effective is it at building up bleed when you spam L1?
Refined Caestus says skilled
Yell SERGEANT! GUARD! Then hit L2 and now your in Hajime no ippo!
uh... idk if i miss something, but why is the refined scaling the same as the regular one?
There are hidden values for each grade of scaling, so there are high C's and low C's, the refined version has a higher C scaling in both dex and str. At 40 strength and dex the normal caestus will have an AR of 334 and the refined caestus will have 347. Not a huge difference, but a difference none the less.
Best weapon for an invading pyro. Sacred Flame hits harder with two hit riposte weapons, and this one also has perseverance. Activate Power Within and then poise grab people for a 1 hit ko
Excellent parry tool, secondary weapon, blessed HP regen option but I only use it for the ability to sheath my sword outside of combat engagements because it looks chill
Caestus 101 - Not only can this weapon fit onto any build, most builds should have this weapon equipped at all times. There are two ways to use this weapon. The first way is to just put this on your off-hand when you don't plan on using a shield and you infused it with either blessed or simple. This allows for a fast and easy parry tool when needed and supplies constant passive HP or FP regeneration. While this is indeed useful, this isn't using the caestus to its full potential. The second, more apt way to use this weapon is to keep it on your off-hand, perhaps in the second slot after a shield. Instead of using it for regen purposes, infuse it for damage output. No matter the stats you have, you will be able to get decent damage out of the caestus with some infusion. Even if you have yet to learn how to parry, its still a great tool. At any time, you can hold down the two hand button for just a second and your character will two hand their off-hand weapon instead of their main one. Now, instead of a parry, you have access to one of, if not the best weapon art in the game: perseverance. This is a great counter to ultra weapons. As they begin to swing, activate perseverance and deal out an L1, L1 combo. So long as your opponent's ultra isn't enchanted with a powerful buff and as long as you're around 65% equipment load, you're almost guaranteed to win that trade, as perseverance sharply increases your defenses while you have hyper armor. This is pretty much a hard counter to the Ringed Knight Paired Greatswords' L1 spam. You can also use perseverance then quickly go back to one handing your main weapon. Giving you a small window of hyper armor and defense with any weapon in the game. You can even use perseverance to ensure an estus heal in a pinch. Just L2 then chug. If you're rocking an ultra yourself, caestus is an even greater assets. The slow wind up of ultra weapons can leave you pretty vulnerable. If you find yourself in a situation where you can't hit your opponent with your big weapon and they're able to hit you with their faster strikes, simply one hand your ultra with caestus in your off-hand. Now, you can choose between swinging wide with your ultra or giving a quick jab with your caestus. This will make you much more versatile and unpredictable. Having a caestus in your off-hand while one handing can even be a decent bluff. Even if you don't know how to parry yet, your opponent doesn't necessarily know that. Them just seeing it in your off-hand will make them think twice about mindlessly attacking you head-on. This weapon should be in one of your off-hand slots. It's only 0.5 units, there's no excuse not to. Start using it today!