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"why use BKGS when you can get same damage for less stat points?" - person with brain
BKGS has a way better move set.
You kidding? This has the best ugs moveset.
The BKGS leans towards qualitard builds. So you have more wiggle room in your weapon options if you need to switch things up between swishy slashy dexy weapons or the Big Boi Toys like this one.

Plus there's the bonus on all Black Knight weapons of taking the Poise in this game, which is already a joke, and turning it into a twat-swatting fight. If you're going to try outrading somebody either use Iron Flesh or a Black Knight something or other. Otherwise you're spamming perserverance or relying on Vitality.

So ultimately if you're fighting Big Bois using heavy armor, a Ultra/Great Weapon and probably the Wolf Ring+3, Then this sword kind of defeats HALF of their reason for doing that.
Off-hand a dark infused SS with BKGS and you can be pretty mean to Vitality Investors.
The message I had in front of the sword: Guts lies ahead, therefore, time fro revenge
I'd like FromSoftware to shorten the heavy attack WA of this weapon (Or every stomp wa). It takes forever to perform, making it quite useless in PvP. I'd take any penalties such as stamina and FP consumption. With that buff I would be happy.
Ive used it on aggressive players, it’s useful if you know when to time it


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Top tier invader weapon if you got the right set up. Dark infuse OR dark buff. Use poise. Wade in and wack them.
2shotting blues with this is very satisfying
I had a developer message in front of it lul "Visions of Guts"
That...wasn't a developer message. But maybe you know that by now.
It's a cool weapon, but while the rolling attacks look good, they suck. One-handed has abysmal range for what a weapon that big should have, and the two-handed one is so slow any little attack will knock you out of it before you get it off.
Sounds like you need to git gud
And once you git gud, git gudder
what if you just got gud
Cloud's sword?
Most people would say Guts' but that also works I guess.
it's really nothing like the buster sword, is more like the dragonslayer from Berserk, but it might work for a Cloud build
Given that Cloud's sword is in homage to Gut's weapon, then yes.
demon's souls was inspired by berserk, so, certainly dragonslayer ;]
dpont know why its not mentioned but what is the minimum str to 2 hand it?
Probably 19 str...
Always half of the Strength requirment so in this case 19
19 STR
Two-handing gives a 50% bonus to your STR stat. The bonus is added regardless of the requirements, so if you already meet them, two-handing gives you a little more damage.

The only stat affected is STR though, if you need DEX or anything else either LV up or use rings.
It's 14 strength you autistic monkeys...
No it's 19 strength *. You get a 50% bonus, not 100%