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Help me...S.O.S.Can you hear me?Pleas.You should save me.This monster can't die.
"Bluedragon714 " on the ps4.
Definitely don't pick up the sword by throne, Siegward will lose the battle, and you're going to die. Whoever wrote that trolled hard.
Nah brah i do it every time
I did it and almost never attacked. I didn't die, and neither did Siegward
I think people are having entirely different experiences with this. Clearly the fight has to be won by using the stupid sword you get *during* the fight, but Siegward was very squishy and died after about 20 seconds. Enough time for me to get over there, grab the sword, equip it, and run back. Maybe it's a platform bug?


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you just need to sync your attacks with Siegwards in order to give him breathing space. Be patient, wait until Yhorm gets up from his knees and THEN attack. Next is Siegward, then you again and so on.
Yhorm's dark resistance seems pretty feeble compared to Aldrich's who cuts damage down to 1/4 or so when it's magic or dark. Especially when you bombard Yhorm's face it's like he has no specific resistance at all.
He takes more damage when you hit him in the head, pretty much negating his resistance.
So much more fun when you use magic, dark or lightning to kill him than the storm sword.
If you're fighting with the storm ruler, you don't need to hit him in the head. Two hand it, hold left skill only to charge, this takes a few seconds. Once it's charged, it's charged until you actually swing with hit. After he misses an attack, weapon skill swing at him. Even hitting his foot will inflict 3k damage. Trying to hit his head will just badly position you.
For sorcerers in trouble, google 'Intelligence kills Yhorm the Giant' for guidance. Onion's the key???
I'd love to know why the AI appears so vastly different across other peoples games. My Sieg will often die, 4/5 times so far. I have to Solo him as a Mage or use the Sword. After Aldrich I'd love to "trivialize" this fight. Iron out your crap, F.S!
The problem is at your end. Know how to prepare, learn the moves, time things right, and Sieg will not die.
I found what seems to be a another way to take down Yhorm with Siegs help ensuring he'll live. Despite being able to kill Yhorm Solo as Melee or Mage (Cause my Sieg always dies) I wanted to avoid that nonsense after Aldrich. If you played Yhorm before you'll notice the safest place is directly in front of him as the attack starts and roll between his legs, he'll turn around to do it again, occasionally doing a radial knockdown that can be blocked or rolled from after. Theres either just enough time before his next attack to roll in between his legs or a slight delay were you stand up before his swing. Rinse, repeat as Sieg attacks him with Weapon Art from a safer distance. Remember to tap away at Yhorms leg after he finish combo to keep his Agro. Hope this helps!



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I may be in the minority, but Yhorm is a cool boss. Sure, killing him with the storm ruler can seem lackluster compared to other more committing and dodge-heavy bouts like Slave Knight Gael and the princes of Lothric, but Yhorm becomes more engaging the more you know about him. He watched over a kingdom that's loathed him, his oath to a certain onion knight, his guilt over the profained flame, it all kinda comes together as a tragic confrontation. Fighting him becomes more difficult with each ng. Not necessarily because the fight gets tougher, but I have to continually end the life of someone who doesn't deserve it. I'm about to pass through the fog, wish me luck homies.
Nuff' said. That is all true. Yhorm is just and wow he's cool. Yhorm never deserved to die, his people did. And I wish you luck. And I believe you've gotten gud beyond Miyazaki's dreams. Press F to pay respects. For Yhorm plus Onion Bro.
I spent a good 30 minutes trying to fight him with my normal sword, to be dissapointed while reading this page that I never knew what weapon art was and that he was so easy to beat with it, but absolutely impossible to beat without it.
Its not. YouTube Yhorm no storm ruler.
He's not impossible without Storm Ruler. I just did him with a Lightning Claymore +8, simply because I didn't understand how SR works. I came here to look it up because I was sure there had to be a faster way. It took like 15 minutes, but it wasn't difficult per se. The trick is to run between his legs and always stay slightly behind him. If you do it right, he'll do his slam attack and you can slap him on the butt two or three times. Sometimes he'll do his stomp instead and knock you down. When that happens, stay calm and don't spam roll, observe his attack and roll through it. You'll get up in time, don't worry. The only thing that really gave me some trouble was the camera when he's close to a wall. Other than that it's pretty straightforward.
I use magic to kill him, but it takes a lot of preparation to have enough FP to do it. It's challenging and fun.