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Hi everyone,

i tested it already on ... 11955/?p=a
It said, that i can not. But my Laptop is only 2 years old, so i don´t think, that it isn´t possible to play the Scholar of the first sin.
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Your CPU and RAM are decent , but it's a laptop afterall with a factory graphics card.

Canyourunit said no? Probably no then, even if you can run it you'll get rekt all the time.



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You'd be hard pressed to even run the DX9 Dark Souls 2 with a graphics chip like that.

You'd be able to probably get Dark Souls to run without the DX Fix patch.
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Just wanted to know if this could run on my trash pc,I can run Dark souls 2 at 30-50 fps on lowest settings,800x450 res.Specs are Intel Celeron J1800 at 2.4GHZ,Intel HD graphics(dont know the specific version but it says it supports DX11)4GB ram,5400RPM 500GB HD.Don't want to blow $20 just like that to see the game not run at all/run at very low fps.But I want the more higher ingame player count and the new enemies/challenges and such
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