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For all you Dex/ Fth builds out there, or those debating whether to go the Int hybrid route or Fth; or just those wanting to add a little kick to their hit and are still wary of investing in Sunlight Blade, I bring you: All You Need To Know about Sunlight Blade (*or almost...). Without further ado:

- Sunlight Blade scales with your Talisman's Magic Adjust stat. It does not scale with your Faith stat. Your Talisman's Mag Adj, on the other hand, will scale with your Fth. It's important to make the distinction (blah... blah... I've said this before!) because wielding the wrong Talisman will not give you the best return on Fth SL investments.

- Sunlight Blade provides a static buff. That is to say, it does not scale with your weapon's base stats. Interpret that how you will, but in effect it means smaller and faster weapons benefit more from the spell than slower, larger ones.

- The magic number is: 1.8

1.8 x Mag Adj = Buff amount*

*(Be aware that there are hidden decimals at play in both your weapon's base stats and in the buff amount, therefore this equation is good to within 1 damage rating of the final result.)

Once we have comprehensive data on the Mag Adj stats of all Talismans within a decent range (30-50, at the minimum, should do it) you'll be able to calculate which will be more profitable between investing in scaling stats or pumping more levels into Fth. Simply take the Mag Adj x 1.8 and compare with the amount the leveling screen is telling you your scaling stat would increase your damage rating by.

- Duration: 1:00 minute

- No equipment or rings will increase the buff amount of Sunlight Blade--none! Also, the Dusk Crown Ring does not grant you additional castings (tested with only 1 attuned--I only have 1 ATM. But even if you had 2... really who needs 3 SLBs at the cost of 1/2 your hp!)

- The Lingering Dragoncrest Ring does not affect SLB.

BE AWARE that, although CMW's magic number is 1.4 compared to SLB's 1.8, it would not be judicious to compare the two spells 1:1. Since both use different casting apparatuses, the Mag Adj stats will be different for either at the same Int or Fth level. Therefore, since Mag Adj is all that matters here, you should compare Mag Adjusts at the same SL rather than each's respective magic number. (For example: the Tin Crystallization Catalyst at 32 Int has a considerably higher Mag Adj than any Talisman. And since it will reduce your number of CMW castings to 1, it makes perfect grounds for comparison. Therefore 1.4 x TCC's Mag Adj compared to 1.8 x Talisman at the same SL may provide an equal buff.)

Finally, the real difference between SLB and CMW lies in what each grants you incidentally. Going the Fth route will allow you to use, among other things, the Wrath of the Gods miracle, whereas Int will allow you to use Homing Crystal Soul Mass, et al. Ultimately your decision to go either SLB or CMW should lie in these spells, rather than in each's respective buffs.

*I copy/pasted this thread from my original on the old wikispaces forums (yes, my username changed!)
*For AYNTK on CMW: can not post links for 7 days
*For data on Darkmoon Blade, graciously provided by kim1519: can't link yet...
*Comprehensive info on Mag Adjusts for Talismans pending. If you want to help out, mention it in a reply! (Data on Mag Adjusts for Catalysts can be found at: can't link yet...)
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Already moved the whole thread over, for all three. Working on the moving the 87 page one over currently.
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Good job keep up the great work
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I hadn't noticed it was already moved...

The Mag Adj one wasn't though. I'll just copy/paste it. Doesn't look very user-friendly when the whole thread is in one message--it looks like a giant wall of text!
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Should the other 2 buff threads be stickied as well?
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I'm working on a CMW/SLB combo Image
By meridam99
LOLRagezzz wrote:I'm working on a CMW/SLB combo Image
If you could grab data againt enemies that would help. Getting the data would be great, but getting the data against certain enemies would be BOSS. Example:

I know that Sunlight Blade against the Crystal guys in Dukes does way more damage than Dark Moon Blade because of magic resist