Anything related to Dark Souls!
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By ZeroChillZoey
hey i'm zoey, and I'm just looking for a Giant Dad to call my own
By PapaGSon96
Hi everyone! I have used the Fextralife guides as well as slavishly read lore threads for all of the Soulsborne and FromSoft titles for several years, and so I decided to make the first plunge into the forums! I love belonging to the communities for these amazing games!
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By Bradikus
Greetings my name is Bradikus! Long time wiki user first time poster. I became slightly obsessed with Dark Souls shortly after I earned all the achievements in Skyrim. My hobbies include power leveling, lore seeking and long gazes at the sun. Currently on my first NG+ and just beat O&S. Favorite weapon is +15 Bastard Sword but I tell myself one day I'll give it up for the Zweihander (yeah right). Currently rocking Giant Armor WITHOUT the Mask of the Father, Havel's Ring and Grass Crest shield forever!
By TheSquirrel
Good afternoon, Steven TheSquirrel here! Married, father of 3, gamer, nerd, bookworm. I have been playing Dark Souls on and off for a couple years and have found this site very helpful.
Have completed three regular playthroughs of Ds1 Remaster and one NG+ cycle. Currently wrapping up first clear of Ds2 SotFS, looking forward to Ds3. Huge fan of the lore and the way in which it is presented.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Hello, I am currently in High School and started playing the Souls games when I was 10 (I still have no clue what my parents were thinking). I didn't get into them for a while but have since delved into the deepest depths they have to offer. I have used these wikis for a while now and just last year made an account. As of right now I am playing DS2, but I will probably move on eventually, and then move back. I usually just drift about through the SoulsBorne series, but I have also enjoyed playing many other games of similar mettle, such as Dead Cells, Hades, Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary, and Sekiro. My favorite game of all time is Sekiro. I enjoy helping out members of the community and the best way to contact me is through my PSN: SlaveKnightKos. If you have encountered someone by that name somewhere in this series, whether or not you were a noob being crushed in the early regions of DS2&Remastered, the arena in DS2, or anywhere else, and bear me ill will, know that I have had all sense of honor in combat for these games pounded out of me since the moment I started, and I fear there is no going back now.
I'm still out hoping for Elden Ring to come soon, but hoping even more so it isn't rushed.
By donKanon
Hello my name is felix and I'm so sad because I lost my save with all my weapon for the trophy on playstation so I look for an active forum and people who want to help. I hope you can help me this got me stress out.
By xDeNiMxChIcKeNx
Sup guys. My names Dylan. I go by “xDeNiMxChIcKeNx” on PlayStation and “Sassy4Satan” on steam. I’ve been playing the souls series since about 2015 when I bought Bloodborne simply it looked interesting and was looking to broaden my gaming experience. I instantly fell in love with the game and immediately after beating Bloodborne I bought Dark Souls 2: SotFS. I didn’t care much for Dark Souls 2 because of the slower combat but it eventually grew on me. It took me more time to beat than any other because of the branching paths and not knowing where to go. After that I got Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on PC and instantly loved it. It took a while to beat that one too so I relied heavily on guides to know where to go. I pre-ordered DS3 and beat it in like 3 days playing constantly. I eventually got a platinum trophy in that one. I’m missing some achievements on the other though which brings me here. I’d like to get platinum and/or all achievements on every souls game before Elden Ring comes out. Currently I’m looking for the best progression path to get all achievements in DSR.
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By EliTheCato
hello, my name is eli, i am autistic and a minor (my age is close to 18) and started playing the souls games a year ago, i was and still am bad at the games, (screw you vordt!) but i still love them. they hold a place in my heart, i live in texas and have way too man pet cats. life is fun and i have been doing good getting to know the wiki members. i hope yu also have a good time in the wiki! goodbye! happy haloween, -elithecato :00008:
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