I assume that we just have to bend over and take this.  Only began happening after last weekend when I installed and purchased the Hakkon DLC.  Payday 2 on the PS4 has this error when attempting to join around 50% of the game.  The ******* solutions claiming it's a corrupted file are just that B to the S.   Dragon Age Multiplayer doesn't save data on the hdd, it's all held on bioware's servers.  Anyone else getting these annoying as **** errors? 


I have been getting a lot of crashes. I think that may be the error. I will jot it down and confirm I'm getting the same one next time I see the error code.

People including me have been getting that error since day 1.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Not getting the error until now was simply luck, not because of DLc or lack thereof

Cool, thanks for telling me, in Payday 2 it exclusively happens when trying to join a match server and very rarely happens mid-heist.

PlayStation 4 error CE-34878-0 (or CE-36329-3) – what it is

The PS4 error CE-34878-0 is displayed when a game or system application crashes. When the system crashes, all unsaved progress is usually lost. The error tends to happen to PS4 games that are poorly optimized or have bugs and glitches. The error code can also be displayed as CE-36329-3 on some systems.

Poorly optimized, bugs and glitches.... Sounds familiar ;) 

Have you tried reinstalling it?

I'very gotten this with a few games, the most frustrating of which was Resident Evil HD. The combination of random crashes and limited amounts of save opportunities has kept me from going back to it.


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Disconnect and reconnect your network cable
Some gamers said that disconnecting the network cable right before going to your friends list and reconnecting it back one you’re into friends list prevents the console from crashing. Give this workaround a try as it may fix the problem in no time. ... e-36329-3/

​​​​​​​Solution 2. Update the Game or Rebuild Database