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By Anonymous
That thing was too big to be called a sword.
Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron.
By Anonymous
Replaying DS2 right now and I forgot how absolutely horrible the lock on mechanic with UGS is in this game. If I'm locking on then I want my character to obviously track towards the target, otherwise I wouldn't have locked on in the first place! Fortunately there's 2 ways to circumvent this: 1. You have to pull your left stick up each time before you attack since that makes your characters start walking towards the target and that makes your weapon track properly. 2. Get 28 strength and use it one handed for those wide sweep light attacks. Thank god that DS3 has this mechanic as a toggleable option.
By Anonymous
I love this thing. You can 2 hand it with low str and it's powerful. You can 1 hand it with relatively low (28) str and it gets better. You can upgrade it to +10 pretty early in the game, and the S scaling in Str means it does even more absurd damage at 40+ str. Apply flame weapon for fashion (and even more damage). Also has a longer reach than most (all?) other UGS. Picked this up early in the game and thought I'd replace it, but I can't seem to find anything better. It just lays waste to everything.
By Anonymous
It also looks really cool with crystal magic weapon applied. The entire blade sprouts giant spiky crystals. If you want to mix any kind of magic into a strength build, this weapon is great.
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Wow one of the forever fan favourite weapons that people love to use. I sure hope I wont miss every second attack with it because the lock on is horrible in this game haha. :)
By Anonymous
For a fun Fume Knight build, use this and the basic Short Sword until you can get to Brume Tower to fight Fume for his actual weapons. You’ll get the full moveset using this in your left hand, including the L2 heavy and running attacks.

I miss having useful movesets in your left hand, as Fromsoft decided to switch that for weapon arts (lame) after this game - which is a shame since you get so much more variety for your builds when you can do more than just a standing light attack with whatever is in your left hand. You’ll have sweeping slashes and quick right hand pokes with this build which is great fun for dealing with the different encounters you’ll come across on your playthrough and nuanced for PvP.
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