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By Anonymous
This weapon cuts NPC invaders (and most enemies) like they are made of butter. I love it.
By King_Havel
Powerstance 2 of those. Become unstoppable.
By Anonymous
"Powerstance 2 of those. Become backstabbable."
By Anonymous
Then you get back up and pwn them.
By Anonymous
Back on PS3, i power stanced these babies and ooh boy i love it to death! Kinda sad that no power stance in Ds3 but lame weapon art instead.
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By SlaveKnightKos
Jan 4 guy
The solution to your problem is pronounced JESTER ROBES
By Anonymous
This thing (and all manual aim biggy weapons) can get really out of hand if you rely on lock-on. Obviously you need to let the stick go to neutral in order to auto-track the enemy, but damn that auto-tracking is SUPER flaky, sometimes swinging in seemingly random directions without any input, which almost always leaves you open for backstabs (this isn't nearly as much of a problem in DS3, notably). Ultimately, it's better to just always manual aim and forego lock-on entirely, especially against enemies who move a lot and shift the camera, causing your aim to fly even further off the mark.
By Anonymous
I use lock on just to keep the camera pointed at an enemy, I haven't been using auto tracking since I began playing the souls series I've always manually aimed all my sword swings Mabye its just me but I thought the auto aim was for spells its so useful to be able to hit one enemy and turn around mid combo to hit anothwr one and stun lock a group of enemies
By Anonymous
free aim that b
By Anonymous
Indeed, it was a raw heap of iron.
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By Stiiv888
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Played through many times with this beast and I'll do it many more.
By Anonymous
It was too big to be called a sword: massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.
By Anonymous
What a beautiful series.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
if you are gonna use this weapon, if you don't have a lot of vigor be ready to unequip some armor or use some weaker armor so i suggest to make bandit class it starts with vigor level 11 and 30 or 40 levels more and you'll be ready to play with this huge sword and the armor of a havel knight
By Anonymous
Git Guts
By Anonymous
Put your grasses on, nothing will be wong
By Anonymous
Best infusions that you would recommend on it?
By Anonymous
Straight +10 physical gets the job done
Combine with +10 dark Zweihander for versatility in pve
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Expected CLANG, got WOOSH and BAM like a blunt weapon

....indeed, a raw piece of iron.
By Anonymous
Ahh yes the beautiful frying pan sounds of a weapon too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough to be called a sword
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