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By Anonymous
For me one of the best weapons in the game, if not the best for those who know how to handle it.
By Anonymous
Dual GS Powerstance + 50 STR + Sacred Oath + Crystal Magic Weapon

By Black_Iron_Bob
You can't go go wrong infusing it with magic, dark, fire or lightning (if you have high int or faith). It's op as long as you don't infuse it with something stupid like bleed or poison. Raw is not a stupid infusion for it but I would not recommend it. The S scaling in strength is too good.
By Anonymous
Difficult to handle at first, but very powerful once you get used to the attack speed.
By Anonymous
What is the best way to get it at the start?
By Anonymous
Start as warrior, grab mornign star from majula, make ur way through heide's tower of flame with easy bc of strike damage on morning star, then go through no man's wharf for it
By Anonymous
no mans warf. just play the area nice and slow, use the NPC summon to help you get to it. From the very beginneing. Kill the Dragon rider. Then head to No Mans Warf. Take an Nice long and slow approach hugging the left most wall and you will find yourself at the top of the map where there is a room full of the black monsters afraid of the torch. (which is why its very handy to bring one). The greatsword is in a chest in that room. But, make sure to kill all of the monsters because they can break into that room if you try to run past them.
By Anonymous
I gathered 7000 souls and bought the fragrant branch from hag merchant, then ran to Vengarl, certainly the fastest way to get it, but you need to know the soul placements.
By Anonymous
if you powerstance with 66 strength it has an ar of 2009
By Anonymous
n u t
By Anonymous
Absolutely disgusting weapon. By the time I naturally progressed to Earthen Peak, my R1s were doing ~750 damage and 1-shotting the green hammer fatties. Killing bosses in like 10 hits.
By Anonymous
Ok but you said disgusting...
By Black_Iron_Bob
@ 22 Jun 2020 04:42 Anon: I think they meant "disgusting" as in the damage it does is insane. Maybe this is lost in translation on you (if you're not American) but sometimes the word disgusting can be a compliment. For example: "Did you see how much horsepower that racecar is putting out?! That's disgusting!".
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"Put your grasses on..."
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By Quiescere
What's up with this quote? Grasses? Please someone explain it to me...
By Anonymous
It's from the "Tell me why" intro song of the 1997 Berserk anime series. The original line is "put your glasses on" but the pronunciation in the song is so bad, that it sounds like "put your grasses on".
By Anonymous
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