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By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure i got it instantly after killing Migo and Yarrow. After completing their quest line. I'm pretty confident those both count as "murders" by the game's code but before reading this article i thought it's just an act evil enough on it's own
By Anonymous
I don’t think you are able to get the villain tag when you’ve got the hero tag on the same character
By Anonymous
You can have both tags on a character
By Anonymous
Doesn't matter how many spirits I absorbed with vampirism did not get Villain tag.
By Anonymous
I just got the villain tag with vampirisim on Reapers Coast
By Anonymous
then read the conditions again
By Anonymous
the game wants you so bad to be a hero that it requires for you to act like a chaotic stupid maniac and kill every single person on sight, but for hero tag you need to do things every person would do - get xp from quests for people. ******* i say, i just killed 10 people in the camp and you tell me that giving migo's ring to some ******* for xp makes me a hero? I'm doing it for the gains , not the damn moral obligation. Getting villain shouldn't be so hard when getting hero is so easy.
By Anonymous
A funny thing about this mechanic is that this system actually means you can flood the entirety of Arx with deathfog and the game won't consider you a villain if you don't fulfill two other conditions as well. I came to test this and it actually breaks the ending. SPOILER WARNING


If you kill Arx and then get the villain tag or get the villain tag for killing Arx, you will not be able to persuade Braccus Rex in the final battle. I tried this and the (Villain) tag simply didn't show up. (I tried getting villain as I killed Arx but it didn't work.)
By Anonymous
I got this when I ate the soul of the "Canary" in the Blackpit Mines.
Said Canary helped me get past the Shrieker, because for some reason it preferred to keep screaming at its corpse rather than me as I got past it and ate it.
Worth noting that I only got it on the character that ate the chicken's soul (Ifan). My main character (Fane) still has the Hero tag.

I'll be real careful about eating ghosts from now on...
By Anonymous
My friends and I got the villian tag in act 1 without even trying. We didn't even know about it. We killed EVERYONE except the shop keepers and the people in the Sanctuary camp. Act 2 is going to be interesting
By Eliphal
I just did a complete rewrite of this article. I got frustrated with how inconsistent getting this tag felt, and that the instructions in this wiki page didn't seem accurate.

I loaded up the modding SDK, and went through damn near every relevant script and dialog to both confirm the mechanics, and find every location that triggers the mechanics.
By Anonymous
Doing gods work!
By Anonymous
Just got the Villain Tag. Currently in Fort Joy. Got level 2 on the ship (attacking door guard on the way to Windego with the door open), skipped straight to the top of the ship, shot the child to skip the dialogue and to not have to save anyone. On Fort Joy, I deceived the Unnis into giving me her money (cannot do this as a human/undead human without Fane's mask), killed the turtles, assisted Ifan in dispatching with the two thugs, then assisted in freeing the locked elf by convincing the Lizard to give me the oranges, then ratting him out. Then I stole the Sparkler card, used it in a game with the three thugs on the tower area, then killed them. This made me hit level 3 and obtain the Villain tag immediately. I doubt it's relevant, but I skipped the dialogue with Atusa, Dallis and Alexander by climbing up on a ladder to the side of them.

If this doesn't work every time, then this system is probably random chance.
By Anonymous
I consumed the soul of the Swallow Man and then got the villian tag lmao. I've only used source vamparism on Blackring souls, and haven't done any of the other things listed above so idk