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By Anonymous
nice covenant, going 1 vs 4 phantoms spamming pkcs while being unable to use estus

By Anonymous
I prefer to spam harald's weapon art. I mean, what will stop me with this extra hyper armor?
By Anonymous
I'm not even very good at PvP and my Win / lose ratio is like 6/1 . Is fun to be "The boss" even against a gank (even if is very hard to win against multiple opponents that knows what they're doing)
By Anonymous
I got summoned as a Spear more when I didn't have the covenant equipped than when I intentionally equipped it to fight at the church lol
By Anonymous
Imo this is how blades of the darkmoon should have been. I'd rather fight a hacker than a ganker because of how toxic host of embers are in general. Thinking they have impunity just because they take can advantage on from software's absolute incompetence at balancing multiplayer.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Playing with multiple coop is a feature of the game. If you want a "fair" 1x1 fight go to the undead match or organize a fight club.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I love getting summoned as a spear. The host always brings at least 2 phantoms including patches sometimes, and they still usually struggle to deal with the guardians. I remember a time whenever I was fighting patches while the church guardian managed to nearly solo the host at sl120. It’s hilarious.
By Anonymous
>The covenant can be gained by equipping the item Aldrich Faithful which is obtained from defeating Darkeater Midir
By Anonymous
No coward hosts, white "stand" wannabes or blue prostitutes allowed in this church. Begone, disgraceful heretics.
By Anonymous
Always at least try to make it fun for the challenger if it's a 1v1
By Anonymous
In 1v1s the Spear gets barely any buffs and no orange estus while the host has all 15 and likely a higher level. If you want someone to sympathize with make it the poor sap who summoned Patches and shot the Spear's buffs through the roof in return for the NPC equivalent of a confused penguin.
By Anonymous
I'm gonna join and let myself get killed GG2EZ on purpose
By Anonymous
Someone here is just asking to get 30 storm rulers at +10 stuck in the inventory.
By Anonymous
Some people actually like challenging games to be challenging. Strange, I know.
By Anonymous
i got summoned multiple times while being a finger and using red eye orbs inside ringed city, so you dont have to put down a summon sign
By Anonymous
That comes out when you are too lazy to make a proper boss. gg b-team
By Anonymous
Or maybe when you re too lazy to balance ganks or develop a good covenant.
By Anonymous
1 Day too early for April Fool's, dude
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