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By Anonymous
I was so happy to see this weapon in the new Elden Ring trailer :D
By Anonymous
The casuls aren’t ready
By Anonymous
Wait... so that's direct confirmation that Dark Souls and Elden Ring are in the same world or maybe even continent?
By Anonymous
Replying to anon who is trying to claim elden ring and dark souls are in the same world. They are not. Confirmed. Stop trying to link them let dark souls die you ****ing nitwits
By Anonymous
You dont know **** maybe it will be linked in someway you never know
By Anonymous
So this is proof that elden ring is connected to DS universe. Got it!
By Anonymous
Crazy to imagine they officially confirmed Dark Souls and Elden Ring are canonically linked and 27 July anon is wrong
By Anonymous
I think it's just the same weapon art but different weapon, which is just fine in my book
By Anonymous
They are re using animation assets you morons there's no link between games besides froms usual references across worlds
By Anonymous
They are connected you idiot. George R.R. Martin said himself that: “Elden Ring is a sequel to Dark Souls.” Kys please!!!
By Anonymous
I don't know if this reply section is a joke or not
By Anonymous
This + pontif rings + sellsword blades + any resin/buff = game breakers...
By Anonymous
sellsword winblades
By Anonymous
This weapon does more dmg with r1s than my black knight gs. Even tho bkgs has higher dmg in character screen. This seems odd, any explanation?
By Anonymous
its probably the attack buff kicking in
By Anonymous
could also depend on the enemy you were attacking, keep in mind this one does slash damage
By Anonymous
Just finished a NG+ run with this, can confirm that it whips in most pve and pvp scenarios. With pontiff rings + chloranthy + poise + carthus beacon you can play very aggressive against smaller mobs and even some bosses. And for pvp, not a lot of people seem to expect or know how to deal with the R1 => L2 => R2 combo, was very happy to take trades against bigger and faster weapons to get that off. That multi-hit felt especially nice the times when it broke through a tears of denial proc.

Def a lot of fun, def worth the ghru grind to get this thing.
By Anonymous
Idk if anyone noticed but its a curved version of artorias sword. The blade is bent because of age and thats why sif has it.
By Anonymous
Does this weapon's buff still work if its offhand and you're two-handing your main weapon?
By Anonymous
It probably does, considering it works even if you don't meet the stat requirements.
By Anonymous
Yes, it does work if u have it on your back.
By Anonymous
Yes it does ive seen it in a video
By Anonymous
This thing is bloody amazing in PvE, and still plenty good in PvP. Definitely give this one a try.
By Anonymous
What a trash weapon. Don't even has active poise in WA.
By Anonymous
You are very wrong

By Anonymous
Anon, Turd of Cinder
By Anonymous
A really fun weapon to learn and master, it can be a good tool in the right hands.
By Anonymous
Good in left hand too.
By Anonymous
A good joke on fextralife? I've been blessed.
By Anonymous
Does this weapon bonus damage against abyssal enemies?
By Anonymous
No only abyss watcher weapons like artorias gs or the farron gs
By Anonymous
Now that i think about it... are the pontiff's eye rings truly his eyes, or a replica from the wolf of farron's eyes? It could explain why the sulyvahn's knights behave like quadruped beasts. I had that thought because the sword is said to have the old wolf's soul, and there's a lot of wolves where sulyvahn came from.
By Anonymous
["The black eyes of the pontiff transformed them into beasts, only capable of serving him."] - Thats the gist of it. Kind of like Sauron and his ring wraiths. Sulyvahn gave them rings, which turned them into monsters and his slaves.
By Anonymous
in a way the pontiff's eyes are in a representative way, thus perhaps explaining his lack of eyes during the fight and this would also explain his almost infinite combos based on the effect of the rings
the pontiff and the old wolf have no connection
the pontiff's eyes really are their eyes (the ones the owner uses)
while the others are replicas given to their knights
and the animeliesco behavior comes from the tendency of the furia and the will to attack without ending that the rings cause
then after a long time of use the olhost would transform the knights who used them in monsters
the game has at least 8 that use the rings, the three beasts in anor londo, the 3 outriders and, finally, the vordt and the dancer
and curiosity, the last 2 walking spirits that you find are the vordt and the dancer, and apparently the vordt is the leader of the outriders, since he is bigger and has a cape
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