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By Anonymous
My biggest tip: Get every ring you can before going to NG+ and NG++, if you wait till the end of NG++ to collect them, all enemies are way tougher and some rings are placed in areas that become literal hell to pass through in NG++ like the grand archives rooftop with the 3 golden winged knights or Archdragon Peak.
By Anonymous
Miyazaki subtly being a d*ckhead with the placement of NG+ and NG++ rings. Oh you want that Covetous Gold +2 ring? You have to go through all of Archdragon Peak and kill both optional bosses to get it. Tough luck.
By Anonymous
Or just got to NG DLC and get the +3
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
Do I have to keep all the Ring of Sacrifice? Is the achievement lost forever if I use one and therefore it's destroyed?
By Anonymous
There is always NG+ bro
By Anonymous
It is not. You just need 1 RoS
By Anonymous
sigh... here we go again
By Anonymous
I have check the list, i have all the rings, i have dropped every single ring and picked it back up and even put them in the box and took them out the achivement is not appearing
i am on ps4
By Anonymous
I believe you need to get all the +rings as well with the exception of those in the dlc's for the achievement if you haven't already, hope this helps
By Anonymous
Same thing with me, I collected all the rings from the list, the + rings too, and I didnt get a trophy. Maybe the list is incomplete?
By Anonymous
here you have complete checklist i use to do my achivements
By Anonymous
great magic stoneplate +1 location
By Anonymous
I have every ring and all the + rings, triple checked it against this list and I still didnt get the trophy, wtf?
By Anonymous
Do you have all the +1 and +2 variant?
By Anonymous
If you've started woth or got a ring another way than normal throw it and collect it again
By Anonymous
Hey there. had the same problem. Dont know if you still have the problem. I stuffed all rings into the storage box at the bonfire and took them out again. Fixed it for me. Hope that hepls.
Praise the Sun \[T}/
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By Lotla
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The bonefire for the Flame Stoneplate Ring + 2 is Demon Ruins, not Old King's Antechamber
By Anonymous
Amazing how many of them are garbage. And there's no great swamp or witches +? C'mon, man!
By Anonymous
Rings aren’t meant to be op as you get 4 to equip unlike previous titles. Also no ring that boosts a castings stat exists. There isn’t a Ring of Sun’s First Born +3.
By CopiousSage
do u need to get the + rings to get the achievement to acquire all rings?
By Anonymous
im pretty sure you do
By Anonymous
yes except for the dlc rings
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