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By Anonymous
I was playing on my girlfriends account, (I still haven't actually played the game yet) but I killed both the crystal lizard and sword master first try with no damage taken.

I was proud of my self and felt like I needed to share.
By Anonymous
Plot twist : world has corana cuz u shared this comment
By Anonymous
so damn cringe
By Anonymous
the real first boss
By Anonymous
He once used the weapon art on the stairs dashed down and plunge attacked me killing me despite having 80% of my health
By Anonymous
parry when he does the hold attack, easiest method
By Anonymous
"easiest method"
By Anonymous
I have a theory about this guy. The reason he is waiting outside firelink shrine is because he knows that heroes (or at least skilled warriors) gravitate towards it and they might have a chance of beating him in a fight, and when you beat him he decides to help you out of respect.
By Anonymous
so he's basically the cooler Iudex Gundyr. Virgin gundyr just dies after you defeat him and then tries to kill you again in an alternate reality (Untended Graves), Chad swordmaster becomes your ally after you defeat him, helping you kill not one but 3 bosses.
By Anonymous
DS3 devs lazy copying Sekiro guy like this
By Anonymous
You do know sekiro was made after ds3 right?
By Anonymous
mfs don't know what a joke is, they got traumatized by the pkcs Guy.
By Anonymous
Easy way to kill this guy early is to use the tree jump method to get on top of firelink shrine on your first visit. Walk around the ledge to the other side of the building and you can safely pelt him from above with firebombs or magic.
By Anonymous
it's undead merchant ( male ) from ds1
By Anonymous
Knew it! The basterd's still pissed that I killed him like... 10 times...
By Anonymous
Literally looks nothing like him aside from the katana
By Anonymous
i can beat 20 iudex gundyrs at sl1 using my fists, and still die to this bastard 50 times over
By Anonymous
Local weeb preys on newbies. No shame, says he "wants to test his limits"
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