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By Anonymous
i was researching gaolers and found this game and now ive failed my assignment
By Anonymous
These guys are stupid, they always hit explosive barrels
By Anonymous
Yup, in hindsight, putting explosive barrels inside the rooms and corridors and equipping your garrison with huge, wide-hitting weapons wasn't the wisest choice.
By Anonymous
Legit the title for these guys is "Jailer" spelled in two ways. Gaoler is pronounced "Jailer", after all.
By Anonymous
I want their Armour... Especially the Cape! It looks so soft.
By Anonymous
Hypogean Gaoler, anyone? Fear the old mummy!
By Anonymous
At least they're not Gael-ers. Then the bastille would be a mess of backflips and lightning bolts
By Anonymous
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By Rads
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Joshua Graham left the Zion I see...