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By Anonymous
Dammit. Didn't know you're not allowed to join Rosaria. I kinda wanted to do that questline. Well, I guess that's something to do on NG.
By Anonymous
You can do Rosaria's questline after finishing Sirris' questline without starting a new game.
By Anonymous
I wish she'd take her shoes off in Firelink.
By Anonymous
If she did that I would massage her feet and savor the aroma
By Anonymous
Please receive christ
By Anonymous
Funny how she performs better during the dragonslayer boss fight compared to the Creighton fight.
By Anonymous
Duties we each BAH
By Anonymous
I made a faith character as a change to my usual dex build in the souls games. I followed Sirrus' questline as I wanted her armour set, and when I realised what was going on with Hodrick and Sirris, it hit me in the feels.

I messed up her questline right at the end first time I did it, by trying to do Leonhards story without beating the princes, so I never saw the end.

My miracle blade ofvthe darkmoon character really grew on me, so I started going for trophie on her for NG+, where I had to hand in a tongue to Rosaria to get the gestures from Heysel, etc.

NG++ was where no more mistakes. Did every quest and story (as well as rings) in full, bringing Sirris to every fight I could even the ones she makes it harder in like the Twin Princes.

At the I was expecting to find Sirris' talisman by Hodricks grave, which would be bad enough...

When I actually saw her on top of the grave, I have to admit my throat genuinely locked up....
By Anonymous
the most easiest npc to backstab in ds3
By Anonymous
She has to be the worst and most useless NPC in the entire Souls series.
By Anonymous
Humorous how she pokes the Abyss Watcher at about 3 HP damage.
By Anonymous
I exhausted her two initial dialogues at the shrine, then i decided to ignore her sign on the bridge. After taking out Dancer, i actually found the bouquet in Shrine maiden inventory and bought it. Just to refresh my memory, i went back on the bridge and realized her sign is still there. I went beside the Pit and also found her sign. Seems like i can still do both, but does that mean that i'll lock her other steps if i do either?
By Anonymous
Seems like even at that stage, you can still do all those steps. I helped her to take out Creighton to get the cat ring, went to speak with her at the shrine, before going back to the Pit. Her sign is still there. Now is left to figure out if the reverse can be achieved. (Before beating Dragonslayer Armor.)
By Anonymous
Got summoned and witnessed Siris 1v1 Creighton and absolutely destroy him. Welp, so much for needing help
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Seriously? You got super lucky if that's the case. In my experience Sirris is a moron who hits with the force of a wet noodle.
By Anonymous
I’d pee in her butt
By Anonymous
I'd Just Pee On Her
By Anonymous
I'd love it if she peed on me
By Anonymous
kill me
By Anonymous
I'd cum in her butr
By fizzy
you guys are built different
By Anonymous
I just want to lie down on the ground and have her walk over, stand over me, let loose the most massive ripe morning piss over my face and body, then leave without a word. I'd need that every time I returned to Firelink.
By Anonymous
church is free
By Anonymous
This is the thirstiest comment section on this wiki
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