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By Anonymous
Anyone else notice that the Queen Killer summon in the Chalice Dungeons wears the same helm and wheel as Alfred when he kills the queen at Cainhurst? I'm guessing they're the same person.
By Anonymous
im 3 years old and i love alfred i got bloodborne for my first birthday and now i can beat every boss ez. git gud xoxoxo bbygurl
By Anonymous
I seduced him
By Anonymous
Blood starved beast got staggered to death, gotta love this guy and the hammer.
By Anonymous
Oh no he's hot
By Anonymous
Just finished his quest line... And I agree with others, there is no hint whatsoever that he took his own life...
By Anonymous
I guess he really pounded Annalise good..
By Anonymous
But we can't marry her? Smh good hunters always finish last
By Anonymous
Why is there a second Crown of Illusions at the altar where he's dead if you already have one? If he did kill himself, to which I haven't seen real evidence, it might be because he's gotten tainted from killing the queen. There is flesh literally all over him when he does, it's not a stretch to assume he ingested some.
By Anonymous
Thought this guy was going to be my Siegmeyer, but in the end he Laurent my heart with his madness </3
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