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By Anonymous
you are all complaining about why u can't dress up as gehrman, but i have found a way, it's called the old hunters dlc, and if you go around and collect the attire called "old hunter set' you can dress up as gehrman!
By Anonymous
bloodborne made scythes ****ing amazing
By Anonymous
i made a fetid rotted sinister root chalice with lost and uncanny versions of all DLC weapons, you can only get it from a bath messenger, so you have to get dlc to get them, ill tell u the glyph when i check back but it is very cool
By Anonymous
Need me a girl who browses the Bloodborne Fextralife Wiki
By Anonymous
Has anyone found the third guidance rune yet?
By Anonymous
i think it was never made soz
By Anonymous
How to play on Xbox???
By Anonymous
be sadge :'(
By Anonymous
we want remasterd
By Anonymous
ds2 best souls and no chinese mazayaki
By Anonymous
Where is the f**** remastered?
By Anonymous
this game doesnt deserve it go play assassins creed valhalla
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