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By Anonymous
What i dont get is where so many people come to this guide only to toot that they dont need this guide.

I for one liked that they did it the hard way, dig out all the potential exp, just so i dont have to
By Anonymous
"With haste and 5 movement speed i was still unable to make it to the core before dying."
And I'm honestly stunned, sorry how bad are you at the game ? Just use 1 mobility skill and you are there, in front of the core its not that hard. I was so confused reading this guide because i thought there was more to the area, but no that was all there is to the quest and the guy who wrote the guide is just, a bit dank i guess ?
By Anonymous
Why is there such a complicated guide here? Right when you spawn teleport to the small path to the left and then teleport to the core, no struggle.

I wish there was more to it I really enjoyed this little world
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