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By Anonymous
hm, After I killed Vrael, the will stat increase to 200
is it good or bad? (I think the Will stat is a little ominous)
By Anonymous
You need to have your will below 100 and kill at least 5 Heroic bosses to get the two important endings. Your "Will " goes down every time you kill a Heroic version of any boss. So to answer your question, it is bad to have your will above 100 when you get to the "Endless" boss if you desire the two better endings. I hope this answer is helpful and not too late to help. Cheers...
By Anonymous
When making a reset at Zuma, can you put your stat points however you want? I'm interested in making a FIN blood knight if I'm able to go below the starting 7 STR.
By Anonymous
when you reset it resets all skill points added AFTER character creation (points you added) and talent points. class default stats cannot be redistributed.