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By Anonymous
dark souls has the most specific hrt methods
like, in ds3 you need a specific ring from the city of the gods, and in ds2 you need to kill 3 ogres and sleep in the gender coffin
By Anonymous
Totally me when the
By Anonymous
This should also give you T!ts like it did to Gwyndolin... unless they were real... oh god
By Anonymous
first time i saw this ring i thought it was a key item for cornyx being that he says "....if only i were a woman." after you try to hand him quelana's tome
By Anonymous
Femboys are hot
By Anonymous
Why are you gae?
By Anonymous
Perfect ring to cosplay as a Pontiff ganker.
By Anonymous
Better than PKCS
By Anonymous
Forced Gender Reassignment ring.

Didn't even know this thing existed for over 800 hours, was looking up a guide to see what ring I was missing
By Anonymous
hello fellow cattle decap fan
By Anonymous
This ring should allow you to reduce cool down timer to resummon phantoms.
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