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What’s everyone’s top 3 fav weapons? Mine are Black Knight GS, MOON GS, and Smeltah Hammah (all great for no death runs)
By Anonymous
N iggas be talkin s hit abt DS2 like it wasn’t better than DS3 in almost every possible way lmfao
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ds3 felt like it appealed too much to a casual audience. Game was way too easy with no strategy involved just spam roll and straight sword lol
By Anonymous
And you can strafe like 60% of the attacks in DS2, and if that wasn't enough magic hasn't been this busted since Demon's Souls.
Atleast there's Powerstancing and all of the other cool weapons in DS2
By Anonymous
Souls 2 only hard until u learn how to play it. Strategic, methodical combat and cool as flip weapons. Imagine what this game could’ve been if it had full development
By Anonymous
I had fun doing a pure mage build on DS3. Magic was so OP in this game but there’s so much more spell variety not to mention hexes…
By Anonymous
Right, cause Old Iron King, Demon of Song, Squalid Queen Alana, Ancient Dragon, Prowling Magus, Skeleton Lords, and Covetous Demon are good bosses. Oh and the lighting is definitely not a mess. Oh and the cut story didn't involve time travel with late develop changes with the most cut content of any souls game. Oh and soul memory was a great idea. Oh and they didn't have to make a new version (SotFS) to replace past mistakes. But your right, guess I'm a N-word. Lmao. Weapons and dlc are decent tho. Idk bout you, but your statement seems subjective.
By Anonymous
I forgot to mention that the game makes sense with how the world works. I love that elevator that leads to the lava land.
By Anonymous
Say what you want about Dark Souls 2’s lore, map design, mechanics, etc, but you cannot deny that this has the greatest weapon selection of all 3 Soul games (Bloodborne is on another level.) The variety and move sets all just fit a sequel perfectly.
By Anonymous
you can say what you want about dark souls 2 being janky, but it definitely has the best weapons (especially greatswords with their movesets) out of all of the souls games imo
By Anonymous
Demons Great Hammer easily S+ tier y'all dex beta males SLEEPIN
By Anonymous
You can say alot about Dark Souls 2, but they really nailed the weapon compartment
By Anonymous
I don't mean anything to dex build users but JESUS F*CKING CHRIST FROMSOFTWARE WHY ARE 60% OF THE WEAPONS DEX WEAPONS
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
well that corralates with the fact that dark souls 2 has the coolest looking weapons with the fanciest movesets
By Anonymous
Imagine only using one build
By Anonymous
The 5+ shortsword needs to be put on the list of pre-upgraded weapons
By Anonymous
i don't think so - its an ng+ exclusive extremely rare drop. I believe all of the listed weapons are guaranteed pickups/drops?
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