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By Anonymous
It would be awesome to just rest her feet on your face while you pound her in lothrics throne room

Can you think of anything better
By Anonymous
Her legs and pits must be so hairy
By Anonymous
Karla never shaves anything, she needs her natural body hair in order to trap as much of her smell as possible.
By Anonymous
I think the Fire Keeper should watch. Just out of concern for us.
By Anonymous
Finally, a decent witch hat
By Anonymous
So this is what horny jail looks like. Nice. What part of Karla turns you guys on the most (:
By Anonymous
Do not bring up such impure thoughts in this holy month of November! Stay strong!
By Anonymous
Her canonical terrible hygiene!
By Anonymous
I regret reading below this point.
By Anonymous
I wouldn't worry, just try to relax and think about what Karla smells like after years of sitting in jail without washing or grooming.
By Anonymous
oh NOO
By Anonymous
Imagine her feminine hygiene. She probably NEVER washes down there.
By Anonymous

All normal people, save your sanity and leave now. To all the people below me...

Ah, **** it, do whatever you want.
By Anonymous
Ahh, I want to cuddle with her in her little alcove and smell her hair, and maybe rub her feet.
By Anonymous
Huh, I'm going to take that in a wholesome way. Please, let it be in a wholesome way.
By Anonymous
I wanna get in on that action.
Share dammit!!!
By Anonymous
You ever thought about thinking before you type?
By GreySkale45
The second I heard her voice, I was like: "Wait a second, didn't she voice Quelana?" So I checked, and sure enough, Jenny Funnel voiced both of them (and then some throughout the series). This revelation makes the moment where she says "A pyromancy tome? Quelana of Izalith... well, this is fascinating..." that much better.
By Anonymous
I wouldn’t mind if she talked dirty to me role playing as Karla or Quelana
By ascendantComic
annoys me that she complains if you give her pyromancy or miracle tomes, yet there's no tome or scroll that she's actually interested in. i went to this page to see if there was anything it would make sense to give her, but nothing. between her and straid in DS2 who keeps insulting you no matter what you bring or do for him, i've had it with rude hexers.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That's it, go touch grass.
By Anonymous
If she smells bad now just imagine what she would smell like after vigorously pounding her in her spot at firelink
By Anonymous
She’s a dude so it shows how confused you are with actually loving men you sicko
By Anonymous
^ I really cause I would still hit it and if you feel jealous I could always hit it with you too (:
By Anonymous
16 Oct guy: Karla is a chick because she can learn the quelana magic
By Anonymous
If that's a dude, then i'm a woman with beard and 6'5 feet tall.
By Anonymous
I guess everyone accepts the fact that oct 16 anon is a complete moron

Even if he���s trolling that is probably the weakest trolling I���ve ever seen and he just looks more dumb than the other guys shiitposting on here.
By Anonymous
Karla isn't a dude, she just has thick bountiful body hair and rarely washes.
By Anonymous
I saved Karla after having given the Eyes to the Firekeeper. Her dialogue hasn't changed even after I've removed and given the eyes back. Is this a known bug perhaps?
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