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By Anonymous
"Ayo the dark soul here"

*falls down the entire ringed city staircase leading to the swamp*
By Anonymous
In areas where you can't get enough vertical clearance to plunging attack, do a jumping attack (forward+R2). Just like the Ancient Wyvern cheese, it triggers the grab attack
By Anonymous
One particular solution; use the Millwood-Machine gun glitch, and spray' em down like you're playing "Zombies" on CoD.

to do that, you need 99 Str/Dex, and a minimum of 30 Fth/Int

If this enemy can one-shot you, you can one-shot it right-back.

By Anonymous
There's something extremely funny about the fact that an army of giant, fearsome warriors who sank into the abyss and became corrupted in their hunt for the dark souls, are called "Harold".

The Harold Legion. That has to be the least intimidating name for an army I've ever heard LMAO Only fromsoft could design characters like this
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