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By Anonymous
On a Dark Build, this thing goes through shields as if they weren't there. If you struggle against turtles, this might be your thing. Give it a shot!
By Anonymous
Would the Bloodbite Ring be good to have while using this weapon?
By Anonymous
Yea that ring removes all bleed that you would’ve taken pretty much
By Anonymous
Well turns out the bleed buildup when using this weapon might as well not even exist. Bloodbite is basically wasting a ring slot.
By Anonymous
bloodbite ring only protects you from bleed, not increases bleed attack
By Anonymous
Finally got this thing today!
By Anonymous
Does the spear/halberd rule apply to this? Unparryable, as long as only the tip connects?
By Anonymous
Infuse with dark infusion and pair with sunless talisman using lifehunt scythe for ultimate scythe ability.
By Anonymous
The king of spacing.. knowing how to use it is the difference between going untouched and being parried 3 times in a row.. this one has a high skill ceiling but Is one of the most fun weapons in the game with crazy mix up and stunlockking potential too
By Anonymous
I heard this takes really long to farm for, but I was determined to do 3h of murder to get it so I just went to halfway fortress and killed the 1 scythe corvian just outside the entrance and I got it in around 10 minutes and 21 tries lmao
By Anonymous
107 item discovery btw
By Anonymous
Cool, who asked?
By Anonymous
Just more buildup, the bleed damage is the same.
By Anonymous
When infused with Lightning, it losses it's bleed effekt. Does it still inflict bleed on youreself?
By unclegoro
Bleed effect still works with lightning infusion. Just tested on Demon Prince.
By Anonymous
It’s dark parameter bonus is wrong. It’s C B A A from at least +9. Level dex along with int/faith and it gets a huge damage increase with the parameter bonus
By Anonymous
Does applying carthus rouge to this wepaon increase its self bleed?
By Anonymous
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