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By Anonymous
The Algorythm is Enabling itself the Whole time it gets annoying.
By Anonymous
This happened to me too. Go to the computer, enable the algorithm and teleport. Open the doors using the key card and go back to the computer. Disable the algorithm and it should then start teleporting you to random places.
By Anonymous
You can get both of the rewards by using the teleporter multiple times, by switching between algorithm modes.
By Anonymous
There is a locked door with a keyhole in my game. Does anybody know how to open it?
By Anonymous
You teleport to the other side of that door when you get Leto's Set.
By Anonymous
Get Leto's Set first, the Riphide path leads you out of the dungeon.
By Anonymous
how do i get the lumenite on the balcony?
By Matt1yu
Use the computer opposite the teleporter, and enable then disable Let's Algorithm. The teleporter will take you to random places each time, including the balcony with 3x Lumenite Crystals (can be doubled to 6 with Pearl of Luminescence ring from Yaesha) and the pit of burning bodies where Leto's Armor is. Enable Leto's Algorithm when you're ready to leave.
By Matt1yu
Enable then Disable Leto's Algorithm on the computer opposite the teleporter, then keep Teleport ING until you appear on the balcony. The 3x Lumenite Crystals can be doubled to 6 with Pearl of Luminescence ring from Yaesha.
By Anonymous
Good place to farm luminite shards. While I kept trying to read the lore from the notebook in basement i kept having flamers and sword dudes spawn with the occasional howler. Slow reading and 20 shards later I'm guessing it plays into the 'quantum replication' lore.

Also enable algorithm then disable it again to get the correct teleports
By Anonymous
Just turn off Leto's Algorithm and keep using the portal over and over until you get to the room with the burning corpses. I had to use the teleporter around 8 times before I got there.
By Wolfdragon89
Very cleverly-designed level. Remember, if you're looking for the entrance, it's the only one within an "office-type" building leading down. Kill the Splitters before you activate the security doodad. And mess with Leto's Algorithm a few times to get the "random warp" to eventually get you those Crystals up high, as well as the "burning skeleton" room with Leto's Armor. I recommend you bring Spitfire for the boss fight, as Riphide often likes to spawn with the "Hearty" condition.