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By Anonymous
After i explored everything, and dealt with hundred-face, there's still 2 doors that i couldn't manage to open. One with a purple forcefield and another on the most southern part of the map.
Does anybody knows how to open them?
By Anonymous
Dimension Door seems to let you bypass most of the locked doors in this place if you have access to that spell.
By Anonymous
I had the same issue. Dimension Door works but only single (not mass) so its not good for some skill checks or enemies behind the doors, as there is no means to open them right after. I havent found a way to do it without DD anyways.
By Anonymous
I actually dont know what the purple door everyone mentions is even at.
By Gibas
You can use Dimension Door(single), then Dimension Door(Mass). There is a Flaming Lockpick and a mace(Eluding Swing +3, ghost touch, finesse) inside.
By Anonymous
Purple door holds final lockpick fuel for other door. I'm sure what I did but when I clicked on purple door, it unlocked.
By Anonymous
Anyone know how to craft the psionic protection crown thing?
By Anonymous
Ok, so i figured it out. You have to make sure you have all the materials in your inventory BEFORE even interacting with the machine. If you interact with the machine, then go collect the materials, you will NOT have the prompt to craft the crown. Really stupid.
By Anonymous
there is a little room that i kept missing just before Hundred-Face (u can see it on the map on this page, with a single loot marker before the lava in the northwest corner of the map) the crafting station is there
By Anonymous
Looks like in order to craft the Psionic Protection Crown you need to have the two parts (gear and circlet) before you interact with the machine in the room before last boss, otherwise you cant craft it and cant open a few doors. Sucks cause theres some cool items behind those doors
By Anonymous
I hate this mission. The other enemies I can take out no problem but those bloody demons take 15 years to kill bc of the ridiculous AC.
By Anonymous
I hate this place. Not because of the difficulty but because I always absolutely despise it when medieval-esque fantasy settings have remnants of super advanced civilisations or technology. You see it so often in so many IPs and it always makes the story and lore worse for me.

I know that there are other planets in the dnd universe that are capable of space travel and have huge planets spanning empires, and I dislike those as well.