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By Anonymous
Does anyone have a Glyph for a Chalice Dungeon with the 10% version of this?
By Nezy
This glyph is no longer active.
By SeanTSC
Arcane Lake +10% - Glyph byfne74r Main Chamber of Layer 3, pretty deep inside in a coffin in a sewer area with leeches and a brainsucker.
By Anonymous
What's the requirement?
By Anonymous
In the ydknsnh4 glyph, the first bonus room has the +300 frenzy rune (Deep Sea)
By Anonymous
Thank you!
By Anonymous
Help yourself. 1st layer boss is Man-eater boar, only just made the chalice.10% Arcane Lake rune in possibly the easiest FRC isz chalice. 73upz823. Two blobhy head mobs, one hunter and a brainsucker before opening the gate, rune is in bonus area after gate, one single zombie and one hunter (which you can just avoid, only bullets in his room beside himself).
By Anonymous
Layer 2 bosses merciless watchers. Layer 3 has bloodrock in bonus room and 3rd layer boss is amygdala.
By Anonymous
Isn't 3 is actually 5 great ono cold blood
By Anonymous
FRC Isz Arcane Lake +10% found deep inside layer 3 main area...

Glyph: q3upbtv9

Inside a sarcophagus guarded by a keeper of the old lords.
By Anonymous
Just found today, Arcane Lake +10%, Cursed Isz wf2pwmzr.

Layer 1 pre-boss area, in a sarcophagus guarded by a brain sucker.

There's also a Deep Sea +300 in layer 3.
By Anonymous
Arcane lake 100+ in L1 pre-boss sideroom at p4kbpib2 (FRC Isz). Found through short ritual chalice yesterday.