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By everythingwastaken
got gold in 5 min with ledo s great hammer this weapon needs nerf jeez (i prob get in 5 min cuz ı was close to gold but still weapon is op but ı hope they dont nerf cuz ı use it a lot)
By Anonymous
Game won't be updated anymore so you're safe lol
By Anonymous
Does 2 player brawl increase duel or brawl honor badge?
By Anonymous
dont think so
By Anonymous
gold is ez
By Anonymous
I thought undead matches were and know one played them I’ve been wanting to rank up brawl/co op rank for the longest
By Anonymous
Started Playing duels for 1:30 hours Started with estoc and ss was iron/bronze swapped claymore got gold in 30 mins. Jesus Christ
By Anonymous
Idk man, I played around 10 matches with a new character and won 8 of them and ranked at iron. Most of the people I fought were gold. It seems that the ranking system is glitched. Or it just takes a high amount of matches to rank at gold.
By Anonymous
it certaintly doesnt take alot i jsut got in in about and 1 - 2 hrs you just need a few more 8 is nothing
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