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By Anonymous
If you think this weapon is good put a thumbs up if you think it is bad put a thumbs down
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it's on par with brachy gs without needing the teostra set, but this isn't against every monster of course
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I think this weapon is a better version of shara ishvalda's great sword same thing just better :}
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this sword good
By Anonymous
i think this sword is only good for alatreon boss. u need 4 pieces of silver rathalos armour to increase its critical damage. ordinary crit hit chance only affects physical attacks.
By Anonymous
Hm... low elderseal, uh oh...
By Anonymous
Put on a elderseal gem. You can make one from the melded, although it is expensive.
By Anonymous
Probably one of the most user friendly general purpose greatswords in the game. Obviously it's at its best against monsters weak to Dragon element (i.e. Fatalis, Alatreon, Deviljho) but the decent raw and incredible purple sharpness means it will be consistent on any hunt without having to worry about sharpening. Plus it just looks great.
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By rougeric87
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Lightbreak Blade is better imo for general use(before Fatalis Blade), with a Master Touch build to not worry about losing purple sharpness. You have more raw and better slots, also having blast which is better for general use.

Element isn't strong with Great Sword but Fatalis might be the only monster where it could be used with the dragon element indeed, because Fatalis is resistant to Blast, and has good dragon hzv on the head.

For the other two you mentioned, DevilJho applies very easily Dragon Blight, negating the elemental damage so unless you go for the workaround of avoiding blight or spaming nulberries, the dragon element will be irrelevant in the fight. Dragon element is a bad element to use against Alatreon, the hunter notes star weaknesses are misleading, it's much more worth to use Ice element against Fire active Alatreon and Fire on Ice active Alatreon if you look at the hzvs.

There's no other relevant monsters weak to dragon(the non-metal raths and banbaro are the other are weak to dragon but not much reason to fight them in endgame and blast from Lightbreak is likely better with how bad element scales for Great Sword), so I'll have to disagree with the fact that Alatreon Revolution is good for general use, it might not be the worst, but it's clearly not the best(and hey layered weapons exist if you like the looks :D).
By Anonymous
I don't like the design... I will change the layer..