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By Anonymous
Under no circumstances do you dodge towards him when he uses his gunpowder. Seriously this is the worst advice for this boss. You dodge right into his swing, going backwards if you have room or to the sides are the only play. Towards him a restart 9/10 times.
By Anonymous
Dodge towards him means begin sprinting around his side and reach his back, you should be behind him before he even swings his sword. You MUST sprint the second you recover from the 'shoulder ram' attack he does before throwing out the firecrackers. The wider you go around him, the slower and shorter your window becomes to dodge the attack.
By Anonymous
When you are within a certain range he’ll follow up with that overhead attack. Wait a split second then dodge 2 o’clock, it’s always free hits here
By Anonymous
I just beat the Owl (father) and I found him a lot easier than Great Shinobi Owl. I'm not sure if its because I've gotten better at the game, got lucky, or just because I wasn't stressing out about this fight.
By Anonymous
Maybe because 3/4 of their moveset are similar, once u beat him the forst time u know him well
By Anonymous
Can someone confirm if shadow rush thrust can be deflected?
By Anonymous
It can, but he still gets the air drop after. When he staggers you as he leaps, it's not actually dealing damage, and you should be able to deflect the two slashes in time. Not really worth it, tho.
By Anonymous
Oddly, the shuriken he tosses will count toward his posture if you deflect them. There's even a slight chance you might posture break him, which automatically zips Sekiro forward to be positioned right in front of him, lol.
By Anonymous
When you face Masanaga the spear bearer in Ashina Castle, the first line of his dialogue is "Oh, it's you". He could be saying that "it's you the one who killed my boy Masanari", yeah, but also he could be remembering you for your chronologically first encounter at Hirata Estate. I didn't finish my first playthrough yet, just beated father, but this is driving me crazy. Could Owl's memory have actually hapened? This slightly contradicts the memory of the battle, as it states something like "Owl's wish to fight with Wolf to death was granted, even if it was in an old memory", but we do know that the way that the Buddha statue works is ****ed up, since you carry your prosthetic tool the past and some more stuff like that. Maybe some of the things you did did happen and some didn't?
By Anonymous
Could be that Masanaga just knows who you are, since the Lone Shadow Shinobis are employed by Owl. Like that Lone Shadow that fights you where you start the game, they seem to be informed of who you are and what you're capable of. His introduction could just be "Oh, you're the guy Owl talked about."
By Anonymous
Every bell creates a parallel universe based on the memories of the person it belongs to.
By Anonymous
he knows who you are at the Hirata estate too. makes sense since he works for Owl and you're Owl's adoptive son...
By Anonymous
It's all in Sekiro's head. Doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. Just means that Sekiro goes thru intense of forms of mental exercise. All these memories belong to the original bell owners. They don't know where Sekiro was during that time, apart from specific times. Kuro remembers Owl fighting the invaders off and last saw him fall at the main estate entrance. He remembers people where they were or were going to be. Bandits roaming around. Juzou guarding the yard, Nogami Gensai lying in wait for the right moment, & Inosuke trying to defend him and fail. And while the memory stops there, he remembers Sekiro rescuing him from Lady Butterfly. On the other hand, Owl's memories tell us more & fills us in after what happened. There are still bandits. Two ministry shinobi arrive to talk, revealing the Interior Ministry's involvement & how early they had planned to take down the Ashina Clan. Gensai is dead, Inosuke rescued his mother. Kuro is somehow safe, and Lady Butterfly is nowhere to be seen. This all implies that canonically, Sekiro just snuck around and did not actually fight the mini-bosses. The game forces us to, but again, for Sekiro it is a mental exercise with the memories of others in his present state, hence the Shinobi Prosthetic coming with us..
By Anonymous
I guess hitting him on his left and right sides helped the most to damage vitality. I saved some spirit emblems for phase 2 using the Mortal Draw to interrupt some of his attacks.
By Anonymous
haha red sword go *swoosh*
By Anonymous
After i deflect a couple of his attacks he just jumps 10 feet away and regains all of his posture. **** boss.
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
yea you have to keep pressure, evantually his health goes down and the lower it goes the slower he regains posture.
By Anonymous
No you don't keep pressure. You wait for openings. It's by far the most reliable way. This version punishes reckless aggression heavily with firecrackers and perilous attacks.
By Anonymous
Somehow I found this version to be much easier than the original one. I recently spent maybe 2+ hours on the Great Shinobi, while Father went down on what felt like 10th attempt. I think that Father has way more openings for punishing (like that long combo with crackers and diagonal slash that he uses very often), and it also felt like he leaves more time to regenerate Posture, which is something I suffered from a lot with the Shinobi version.
By Anonymous
Been stuck on him since 2 weeks after the game came out, after about 500 tries i've only gotten him to his second phase twice.
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